19 Serums That Helped Solve Our Biggest Skin Concerns - and Can Help You, Too

Morgan Ashley Parker

Chances are, if you start dishing on a skin-care concern you're facing - whether it's breakouts and maskne or extreme sensitivity - you'll find someone who feels the same way. But before you start approaching strangers on the street or group texting your friends for recommendations, POPSUGAR editors are trying out tons of products every single day and, between all of us, we have so many serums we'd recommend to you that we've tried - and loved - for our own concerns.

Since we're all in this together, we narrowed it down to 20 favorites that each tackle a specific problem (or desired outcome), and we're sharing them with you here. From dullness to dryness and everything in between, read our reviews ahead to see which serums get our stamp of approval, and then decide what fills the next empty spot in your shopping cart.


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