2.3 feet tall Indian man finally manages to get married after years of searching for love

A 29-year-old Indian man who is only 2.3 feet tall has finally managed to get married after years of incessant search for love. Azeem Mansoori married Mansoori Bushra, a woman whose height is nearly identical to his, today (November 2) in India's Uttar Pradesh. Mansoori's story became famous one and a half years ago when a video about him became viral on social media. Both the bride and the groom had struggled to find a partner for many years before meeting each other in 2021. Mansoori even went to the police station in 2019 saying that his family was not getting him married. The ceremony was very unique. Mansoori led his wedding procession to Hapur, wearing a traditional Sehra, a headdress, and a Sherwani, a long-sleeved outer coat. Mansoori said: "I am very happy. She is educated, can cook, and is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in commerce. I won't ask her to quit their studies, they are important. My days of loneliness are over".