The 2 Ingredients You Need To Make A Bittersweet Snake Bite Shot

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If you're asking for a snake bite shot or have been passed one by a friend, you should know what you're getting yourself into. Though it isn't entirely clear just how this potent punch got its label, it's safe to say that snake bite is an accurate descriptor, as this is no subtle shooter. Made with 100-proof Yukon Jack, a sweet whiskey-based liqueur hailing from Canada, and mixed with lime cordial, this wallop of a duo will have you questioning your next drink order.

If the name of a snake bite shot isn't enough of a warning, the slogan for Yukon Jack liqueur is "The Black Sheep of Canadian Liquors." Some might describe Yukon Jack as sickly sweet. Rose's lime cordial also leans on the sweeter side, and the combination of the two is guaranteed to illicit memorable facial expressions from the drinkers who choose to go down this path. If you do happen to try this puckery pop, limit the number of shots you take unless you want to regret your decisions the next day. Though made with only two ingredients, this slammer is not one to be casually slid across bars.

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No Antivenom For This Bite

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Some bars refuse orders for this drink, while bartenders looking to find some common ground between pleasing customers and looking after their establishments may swap the Yukon Jack with a more subdued whiskey. For those eager to try the shot without leaving home, you don't need to be a professional to whip up this recipe. For each one-half ounce of Rose's lime cordial, add 2 ounces of Yukon Jack to an ice-filled shaker, shake, strain, and serve. Rose's lime cordial can be replaced with another sweetened limed juice, homemade lime cordial, or fresh lime juice. Don't have a shaker at the ready? Yukon Jack can be poured directly into a shot glass and topped with splashes of lime. This quick-and-dirty approach will result in a drink that hasn't been diluted by ice. Snake bite shots can also be customized with drizzles of hot sauce or a lime wedge garnish for those wanting to elevate the drink's presentation.

Note that depending on which side of the pond you're drinking on, a snake bite can result in different drink orders at bars in the United States and the United Kingdom. In England, you may be served a layered drink with hard cider and beer, and black currant liqueur can top off punchy pints that share the snake bike name. Across North America, however, a snake bite shot will deliver the tart, toothy gulp you may wish you had never ordered. Consider yourself warned and proceed accordingly.

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