The 20-minute drive just west of Hull that can take more than an hour by bus

The sign welcoming people to Cottingham visible from the window of the number 104 bus
-Credit: (Image: LDRS)

They are an East Riding town and village a less than 20-minute drive apart.

But aside from one direct bus which runs sporadically during the day, Hessle and Cottingham can require a trip to Hull to get to. The number 25 bus is the only direct public transport link between Hessle and Cottingham, two of the principal settlements on the western border with Hull.

By car, the journey would take between 17 and 19 minutes depending on the traffic and the route. Cyclists can get from one to the other in about half an hour and walkers would be looking at a trip of about one and three quarter hours.


The bus journey I took to Cottingham from Hessle began with getting on the number 66 service, which left The Square at around 3.35pm. There was only one other person on the bus at first.

But as it drove through the suburbs into west Hull it started to fill up, partly with teenagers off for half term. The roads were quiet until the bus reached Boothferry Road in west Hull, when the beginnings of the late afternoon and early evening peak in traffic begin.

The number 104 bus at the stop in Cottingham's Market Place
The number 104 bus at the stop in Cottingham's Market Place -Credit:LDRS

Despite that, after travelling down Boothferry Road and then Anlaby Road, I was at Hull Paragon Interchange for about 4pm. There was hardly any time between the number 66's arrival and the departure of the number 104 which would take me to Cottingham.

I went straight from one bus to another and the one to Cottingham left the Interchange at 4.10pm. This bus was busier than the last but not quite half full.

Now the traffic had picked up and was approaching rush hour levels which slowed the journey down slightly. But bus lane enforcement for peak hours had come into effect meaning that for parts of Spring Bank at least we were spared the worst of the traffic.

Newland Avenue and Cottingham Road after that were more steady and the bus continued on. That leg of the journey, which then took in the outskirts of Cottingham before reaching Market Place, took about 40 minutes, finishing at 4.50pm. In all, the journey was around one hour and 15 minutes.