20 Sinister, Disturbing, And Nerve-Wracking Photos That Made Me Want To Throw My Laptop In A River

Buckle up, folks — it's time to look at some weird and anxiety-inducing pics of things that absolutely shouldn't exist!!!

1.This haunted slab of beef that would be a misteak to eat:

it looks like a face is in the raw meat
u/LucidCunning / Via

2.These rocks that look like a thousand imprisoned screaming souls trying to warn you from their fate:

they looks like they have faces and they're all stacked on each other
u/LucidCunning / Via

3.This "meowhawk":

someone's long mohawk has hello kitty spray painted on
u/Mediocre_Profile5576 / Via

4.This unholy "sushi pie" that doesn't look much like sushi or pie...or anything edible:

large clump of food halfway eaten with shrimp on top
u/SeannG97 / Via

5.This nightmare-inducing creation:

a stick man attached to a pole
u/ep3ep3 / Via

6.This big beefy boy:

a very tall sandwhich that's mostly all meat
u/xoGracexo12 / Via

7.This massive alien-esque jellyfish that washed ashore:

  u/neapolitanbby / Via
u/neapolitanbby / Via

8.This absolutely nutty statue of Alvin the Chipmunk:

  u/A7ftSasquatch / Via
u/A7ftSasquatch / Via

9.This crappy abandoned outhouse:

the toilet is exposed because half the walls are down
u/timmydownawell / Via

10.This filling "Christmas tinner":

canned food in the shape of the can
u/Man_in_the_uk / Via

11.This terrifying nightlight:

character face as the night light but it has red eyes and looks scary
u/Slygirl997 / Via

12.This picture where something feels off, but I can't quite put my finger on it:

person wearing a hand suit skateboarding
u/HUNTER-15 / Via

13.This creepy abandoned hospital that somehow still has power:

x-rays and empty metal beds
u/places_forgotten / Via

14.These "Nikeas":

nike and ikea shoes
u/HamsterDue772 / Via

15.This burger that looks like eating it would be quite the pickle:

very tall burger of piled pickles
u/Tandrim / Via

16.This kilt armchair:

  u/pageone206 / Via
u/pageone206 / Via

17.This mushroom someone found growing in an office at their workplace:

the mushroom is growing in all different directions
u/Prof_Cyan / Via

18.This pizza pocket that looks like a brain:

  u/pixieshit / Via
u/pixieshit / Via

19.This Dora statue that I definitely don't want to explore:

  u/CelebrationWild7276 / Via
u/CelebrationWild7276 / Via

20.And finally, this child's drawing of a very abominable snowman:

it's got large stick-on eyes and a lot of teeth
u/themikecampbell / Via

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