20 vintage pictures of British heatwaves over the last century

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 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

It’s hot. There’s no doubt about it.

As soon as the temperature reaches above 25C us Brits find ourselves in the midst of a heatwave; and with temperatures expected to hit 37C next week, leading the Met Office to issue the first ever red warning for extreme heat, we're undoubtedly experiencing one now.

Common in late June and throughout July, heatwaves generally last a week or two, before milder summer weather returns. They have been known, however, to make a grand comeback in late August or early September, just before the leaves turn golden for autumn.

During a heatwave, most Londoners will look to spend as much time outdoors as possible: socialising in the streets, lying in nearby parks, or - if you're really lucky and can get in - splashing around in a lido.

But how did Brits handle heatwaves in years passed? Turns out, much like we do today.

Click through the gallery above to see how the British have been dealing with heatwaves for the past 100 years – from overcrowding inner-city lidos to bathing on the banks of the Thames.

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