2012 Olympic Athletes Lingerie Calendar for Women’s Charity: Female Perspective

With the 2012 London Olympics quickly approaching, 11 female members of the British Olympic Team have come together to create a calendar for the Wellbeing of Women charity. These women will be wearing lingerie from Nichole de Carle and jewelry from Salima Hughes and Coster Diamonds.

The athletes participating in the calendar include triathlete Hollie Avil, water polo teammates Frankie Snell, Rosie Morris and Vicki Hawkins, synchronized swimmer Jenna Randall, artistic gymnast Imogen Cairns, K4 kayaker Jess Walker, 400m runner Nicola Sanders and modern pentathlete Katy Livingston.

The calendar plans to go on sale in January 2012 and all proceeds will go to Wellbeing of Women that specializes in reproductive and gynecological health. They are dedicated to improving the health of women and babies.

Wellbeing for Women works to raise money for medical research in areas of women's health. Since 1964 it has funded research in areas of fetal scanning, cervical cancer screening, IVF and vitamin supplements for pregnancy.

In an effort to encourage medical graduates to follow research interests in the area of OBGN, they provide financial assistance in the forms of grants. Research Training Fellowships are provided to encourage people to become academic clinicians.

A Wellbeing of Women spokesperson stated, "Wellbeing of Women is the charity dedicated to improving the health of women and babies, to make a difference to everybody's lives today and tomorrow. We fund pioneering medical research and training into women's health and use education and information to empower women; so that we can all be at the top of our game."

As a woman, I think this is a very tasteful display of these athletes for an amazing cause. However, I have to wonder if they are really hitting their target audience. While I am sure a calendar filled with women wearing lingerie is bound to make some money from sales to men, might they have been better making a calendar of the male athletes in boxer shorts with messages of women's health topics to further education? I know I would be first in line. Maybe that photo shoot and calendar will be coming soon?

Deborah Braconnier is a former athlete and medical professional. She is a freelance writer and Featured Contributor for the NFL and Olympics. Follow her on Twitter at @fwcdeborah.