2021 Nobel Prize winners, plus an inspiring space Barbie

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Barbie takes zero-gravity flight to inspire young girls (ESA/PA)
Barbie takes zero-gravity flight to inspire young girls (ESA/PA)

The Nobel prize has been awarded jointly to two US scientists who figured out the mysteries of how people feel touch and temperature.

Their work could be used to explore new treatments for pain.

A top climate scientist has quit the Science Museum in London’s board over fossil fuel sponsorship.

Chris Rapley says it’s “a pity” he has to resigned but disagrees with “the ongoing willingness to accept oil and gas company sponsorship”.

The Science Museum’s yet to comment on the move

Russia’s released some low quality footage of what it claims is the first launch of a hypersonic missile from a nuclear submarine.

The Kremlin says the missile can travel at nine times the speed of sound and have a range of 1,000 kilometres.

Universal Music Group’s opening its back catalogue on prescription for people with neurologic injuries and diseases like Alzheimers in the US. The original voice of Siri, Susan Bennett, has joined the campaign for a more accessible web. ESA’s only active woman astronaut’s worked with Mattel to create a Barbie doll in her image - and they’ve sent it on a Zero-G flight already.

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