2022 BMW i4 specs officially released: 523 bhp and 373-mile range

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2022 BMW i4 teaser

The battery alone weighs 550 kilograms.

BMW has now released preliminary technical specifications about another EV it’s currently developing. Even though it won’t be introduced until 2021, the i4 is revealing some of its secrets as we get to learn its electric motor will push out approximately 523 bhp. The high output prompts BMW to say the electric saloon will offer levels of power comparable to a traditional model in the automaker’s lineup equipped with a V8.

We also get to find out the i4 will utilise a newly developed battery pack with a capacity of about 80 kWh and a range of approximately 600 kilometres. That works out to 373 miles using the WLTP test cycle.

2022 BMW i4 teaser

2022 BMW i4 teaser 2022 BMW i4 spy photo

BMW i4 Spy Photos

You can pretty much think of the i4 as an electric variant of the 4 Series Gran Coupe, with BMW saying the company’s first i-branded four-door coupe will do the 0-62 mph run in approximately four seconds. Previewed by the 2017 i Vision Dynamics concept, the i4 will reach a top speed of more than 124 mph, which is more than you’ll ever need unless you plan on getting to work in record time using the German Autobahn where there are still unrestricted sections.

BMW reiterates the i4 will make use of the automaker’s fifth-generation eDrive hardware slated to debut next year on the iX3 crossover, which will have the electric motor, transmission, and power electronics all in a single housing. In the case of the i4, charging the 550-kilogram battery pack to an 80% level will only take about 35 minutes, which results in 62 miles of range for every six minutes of charging.

We've spied the i4 repeatedly:

The iX3, i4, and iNEXT (or is it iX?) are part of a greater electrification scheme BMW is working on, with the goal being to have 25 models with an electrified powertrain by the middle of the next decade.