2022 Fantasy MVPs

The FFL crew picks their MVPs from the 2022 fantasy season.

Video transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: As we kick off our final episode of 2022, let's just take a look at who our fantasy MVPs were this season. Guys, you can define this however you like. It can be your team. It can be all teams. Matt, start us off.

MATT HARMON: Well, you know, before there was Brandon Aiyuk, I was the personal hype man many, many years ago for one Tyler Lockett. And let's keep it going, man, because he is my MVP of fantasy for a couple of different reasons here. Number one, I'm not going to come here and say, oh, Justin Jefferson, or one of these many other stars, what a great pick you could have made this year. I'm going to talk about a guy in Tyler Lockett who literally-- you know this, Andy. In, like, analyst drafts with all the big brain people out there, you could get this guy at like the 11th round because everybody was so scared of the Seattle offense.

Well, that was a terrible take. Tyler Lockett's been absolutely awesome this year because he is an absolutely awesome player. He is a great example of why sometimes you just need to close your eyes and trust the talent at the wide receiver position because Lockett is a legitimate number 1 receiver. He's a star. It's all there for us to see at this point.

And most importantly why he's my fantasy MVP because, my god, every single Tyler Lockett team I had this year was absolutely cruising right up until last week when I got bounced from basically every semifinal matchup. So he certainly-- look, you can't argue with the facts. Tyler Lockett leaves, and I'm screwed in fantasy. So he's my most valuable player.

ANDY BEHRENS: That's actually a really good call. Relative to ADP, it's hard to beat Tyler Lockett. My guy didn't come cheap, but Travis Kelce, let's just talk about where he's at right now. He has 246.7 fantasy points in a Yahoo default scoring league. And that's 86 points ahead of the number 2 tight end. He's doubled up the scoring of all but five players at his position.

If he were a wide receiver-- which, if we're being honest, he's basically a wide receiver. If he were, he would be the wide receiver 3 on the season. There is-- just simply put, there's no greater positional edge in fantasy right now than Travis Kelce.

He's on the wrong side of 30. Maybe this isn't going to last forever, but it's lasted throughout this year. He's been a tight end 1 in 12 of 15 weeks this year. That is just absolutely crazy. Tank, who is your MVP?

TANK WILLIAMS: I got to go with the cheetah, Tyreek Hill. And the reason is because Tyreek, a lot of people were doubting him coming into this season. And I kind of make it similar to the Bill Belichick/Tom Brady narrative.

So he leaves Kansas City. He's going to Tua, who supposedly can't throw a deep ball. And so then all of a sudden, people just start dropping Tyreek, the cheetah, out of their rankings. I know I saw going into the season in some cases he was down well below, you know, the 10th best wide receiver in fantasy, which I didn't get.

And so once you got into the season, he started off the first week, and he had 8 for 94. And say, OK, he may be able to do something with Tua. And then he explodes against the Baltimore Ravens in week two, and the rest is history.

And so I think this is just one of those things where one thing doesn't have to be mutually exclusive. It didn't have to be just Patrick Mahomes. It didn't just have to be Tyreek Hill. Just similar to Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, it wasn't one or the other. It was both. And this is the perfect example that shows that Tyreek Hill wasn't just the best wide receiver in fantasy and one of the better wide receivers in NFL because of Patrick Mahomes. It's because he's a damn good wide receiver in his own right.

ANDY BEHRENS: Tank, if he wanted to have a big week, this week with Teddy Bridgewater, I'm not-- I'm not going to complain about it. I'm here for it.