2025 Lotus Emeya EV Chases the Porsche Taycan with Up to 905 HP

2025 lotus emeya
2025 Lotus Emeya Chases Porsche Taycan with 905 HPLotus
  • Lotus has revealed a new electric four-door hatchback called the Emeya.

  • It shares its platform and powertrain with the Eletre SUV and promises up to 905 horsepower in the top version.

  • The Emeya is slated to arrive in the U.S. next year as a 2025 model.

Lotus, a British automaker best known for lightweight sports cars, already went way out of its comfort zone in releasing the 5500-plus-pound Eletre electric SUV. So the arrival of the new 2025 Lotus Emeya EV, while still quite a different vehicle than an Elise or an Emira, isn't quite as shocking in that context. As a sibling to the Eletre, the new four-door Emeya hatchback features a similar powertrain and design but promises even better performance thanks to its lower, more aerodynamic shape.

2025 lotus emeya

We're not sure exactly what Lotus means when it calls the Emeya a "Hyper-GT," but it's clearly meant to compete with the likes of the Porsche Taycan, Lucid Air, and Tesla Model S. As such, it's fitted with a big battery pack—102.0-kWh, to be specific—and powerful front and rear electric motors. The standard setup is expected to offer the same 603 horsepower and 523 pound-feet of torque as the lower-spec Eletre models, while the top version of the Emeya promises a whopping 905 horsepower and 727 pound-feet of torque. This version will also have a two-speed transmission like the Taycan.

Although the Emeya will likely be heavy like the Eletre, Lotus is still claiming that the 905-hp version will get to 62 mph in less than 2.8 seconds and go on to a 159 mph top speed. It's fitted with a standard air suspension and features all sorts of active aerodynamic elements such as front-grille shutters, a rear diffuser, and a rear spoiler that deploys to create more downforce at speed.

Official range estimates for the Emeya are not available yet, but Lotus says they'll be similar to the Eletre's numbers—meaning a range of between 260 miles and 315 miles depending on configuration. The Emeya is also capable of DC fast-charging at up to 350 kilowatts.

2025 lotus emeya

The interior looks highly modern and is trimmed in materials including Alcantara, Nappa leather, and aluminum. There's a large infotainment touchscreen sprouting for the dashboard, and a 55.0-inch augmented-reality head-up display will also be available. A four-seat arrangement is pictured with rear bucket seats, but there will also be a rear bench available to bring passenger capacity to five. The rear hatch opens to reveal a somewhat spacious-looking cargo area.

Lotus says that production of the Emeya will start in 2024 and that it will arrive in the U.S. as a 2025 model. Pricing won't be released until later, but we figure it will start north of $100,000, with the top 905-hp version pushing well beyond $150,000.

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