These 24 names are on the endangered baby names list

Babies called Clive could become a thing of the past [Photo: Pexels]
Babies called Clive could become a thing of the past [Photo: Pexels]

If you’re about to welcome a new arrival into the world, you might want to consider one of these 24 baby names.

That’s because monikers, which were once common on school registers, including Karen, Ian and Clive, have fallen out of favour with parents in 2017.

So much so that unless parents-to-be start re-picking the names for their offspring they actually risk becoming extinct, which seems kinda sad no?

According to parenting site BabyCentre mums and dads are side-stepping baby names made popular in the 1980s like Cilla, Edna and Ricky in favour of some more out-there monikers inspired by celebrities.

That means that names that were previously considered ‘trendy’ haven’t been registered on the site’s database at all this year. This follows on from the site’s previous list of names that could soon become extinct after dropping off the radars of new parents. Gah!

Instead of traditional monikers like Mildred and Clarence, Nameberry suggests that babies are being given more zeitgeist-y names like Bowie, Ines and Moana.

Speaking to Metro a spokesman for Nameberry said: “Many of the hottest baby names of 2017 pick up on trends and sounds that were hot last year.”

While the name site doesn’t believe these more unusual monikers will replace the likes of the ever-popular Amelia and Harry, they do believe we’re likely to see kids with more unsusal names being pushed alongside them on the swings.

But parents beware of moving too far outside the typical baby name box as a recent survey by Mumsnet revealed that a fifth (18%) of parents go on to suffer baby name regret over the moniker they saddled picked for their little one. And though 11% of those suffering from namers remorse were disgruntled because the baby name they’d picked wasn’t distinctive enough, a greater 25% admitted they were regretful because their baby name had become too common.

Reason enough to pick a name from the endangered list if ever we heard one.

Boys names at risk of extinction

  • Ian (Iain)

  • Frank

  • Clarence

  • Ricky

  • Edmund

  • Gus

  • Roger

  • Bertram

  • Clive

  • Roald

Girls names at risk of extinction

  • Cilla

  • Bertha

  • Cynthia

  • Janice

  • Anita

  • Marcia

  • Mildred

  • Dorothy

  • Edna

  • Bonnie

  • Cindy (Sindy)

  • Donna

  • Gail

  • Karen

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