24 stunning images of the ‘60s by famed photographer John Hinde

English photographer John Hinde made his name from turning vibrant photographs of the UK into postcards.

Hinde was a key figure in using a coloured photograph as a postcard, using highly-saturated colours to make attractive images for the everyday person.

In 1956, Hinde started his own business, John Hinde Ltd in Ireland and over the following 16 years travelled through the UK, Ireland, across Europe and Africa taking photos to act as postcards. When the company was sold in 1972, it was the world’s most successful postcard company with annual sales of over 50 million postcards.

Now, over two decades after his passing in 1997, Hinde’s restored original transparencies have been printed in a book for the first time.

The above gallery shows a selection of images from the 1960s, documenting Britain’s post-war leisure boom – which were all scanned and digitally restored over the past decade.

While the book of previously unpublished photographs is now sold out, copies of the photos as postcards are available to purchase.

Pentewan Sands, Cornwall (Elmar Ludwig)

Prints available from The Photographers’ Gallery Print Sales, London thephotographersgallery.org.uk

For the full list of limited-edition prints and restored John Hinde transparencies, visit the website johnhindecollection.com and find them on Instagram @johnhindecollection and Twitter @johnhindeprints