26 hilarious Tiger King memes that sum up just how wild the Netflix show is

Emma Clarke
·5-min read
Twitter / Netflix
Twitter / Netflix

Since its release on Netflix earlier this month, Tiger King has pretty much been the only thing anyone can talk about.

Striking the perfect balance of intrigue, salaciousness and downright absurdity, it's no wonder the documentary has amassed such a vast following.

At the centre of it all is Joe Exotic: a mulleted, gun-toting exotic animal park manager who at one point boasted the largest collection of big cats in America.

Viewers then learn of his ongoing feud with Carole Baskin, a rival who owns the Big Cat Rescue in Florida.

And while the tall tale is enough to keep anyone entertained, the memes that the show has inspired are perhaps even more grabbing. Here are the most hilarious ones...

Nothing can prepare you...NOTHING

It was an absolute serve from Netflix, tbh

Shout-out to the production team, also, for delivering scenes like these:

When Joe Exotic single-handedly saved us from lockdown despair

What we all fear at this stage

We couldn't describe him better ourselves

Well that was unexpected

Where do we even start with Carole Baskin?

Her husband (not that one) is also too much

Well, okay, we have to talk about the other one as well...

Justice for Don

Let's not forget about Doc Antel

It's uncanny

We can't decide either

We must protect Barbara at all costs

And we demand Joe Exotic's tunes are made available on iTunes ASAP

Just when we thought it reached peak crazy, the producers threw us this curveball

Having said that...

This dude is a whole vibe

By far the cutest Joe Exotic we've ever seen

You can stream Tiger King on Netflix now.