29 things Welsh people say that make 'popty ping' sound completely normal

1. Wnco mwnco

It means: Him over there

How you say it: Oon-core moon-core

2. Onco fonco

It means: Her over there. So like 'wnco mwnco' but for girls

How you say it: On-core Von-core

3. Man a man a mwnci

It means: May as well

How you say it: Man ah man ah moon-key

4. Gwdihŵ

It means: Owl

How you say it: Good-ee-hoo

5. Sboncen

It means: Squash

How you say it: Sbon-ken

6. Meicrodon

It means: Believe it or not, this is the correct word for microwave, and not popty ping as you may have been led to believe. Meicrodon would also be a great word to describe a tiny gangster.

How you say it: Micro-don

7. Smwddio

It means: Ironing

How you say it: Smoothe-yor

8. Pili pala

It means: Butterfly

How you say it: Pill-ee Pall-ah

9. Chwyrligwgan

It means: Merry-go-round

How you say it: Choo-url-ee-goo-gan (The 'ch' sound is the same as the Scottish loch). Good luck with that one, that's the best we can do to help you pronounce it.

10. Igam ogam

It means: Not going in a straight line

How you say it: Ee-gam O-gam

11. Buwch goch gota

It means: Ladybird (literally, it means 'little red cow')

How you say it: Bewch goch got-ah (The 'ch' sound is the same as the Scottish loch).

12. Pendwmpian

It means: Nodding off

How you say it: Pen-doomp-yan

13. Bwgan brain

It means: Scarecrow

How you say it: Boo-gan braen

14. Sielffo

It means: Having sex

How you say it: Shelf-o

15. Clatsio

It means: Fighting

How you say it: Clat-cho

16. Swmpus

It means: Awesome

How you say it: Soom-piss

17. Twmffat

It means: Idiot

How you say it: Toom-fat

18. Lembo

It means: Also idiot

How you say it: Lem-bore

19. Bwci bo

It means: Ghost, or other sort of monster

How you say it: Bookee bore

20. Pendramwnwgl

It means: Falling headlong or in an otherwise spectacular fashion

How you say it: Pen-drah-moon-oogl

21. Spigoglys

It means: Spinach

How you say it: Spig-ogg-liss

22. Dros ben llestri

It means: Over the top (it literally means 'over the dishes')

How you say it: Dross ben llestri (the 'll' sound is an aspirated L. Form your lips and tongue to pronounce L, then blow air gently around the sides of the tongue. The nearest you can get to this sound in English is to pronounce it as an L with a Th in front of it).

23. Mŵg drŵg

It means: Cannabis (literally 'bad smoke')

How you say it: Moog droog

24. Llond fy mol

It means: Full (literally, my stomach is full)

How you say it: Llond vuh moll

25. Ling di long

It means: Lackadaisical

How you say it: Ling dee long

26. Clecs

It means: Telling tales

How you say it: Clecks

27. Rhoi'r ffidil yn y tô

It means: To give up (literally 'putting the fiddle in the roof')

How you say it: Roy'r fiddil un uh tor

28. Paffio

It means: The professional version of 'clatsio'

How you say it: Paff-yor

29. Ychafi

It means: Horrible

How you say it: Uch-ah-vee

Learn how to say some of our favourites from the list in this video