3 Common Mistakes You're Making When Decorating With Houseplants, According to a Pro

Plus, what you should be doing



Most likely you're the proud owner of a houseplant (or 50), and although you may have mastered the art of keeping your leafy babies alive, you may be a little stumped (hehe) on the best way to decorate with plants. Like many facets of decorating, how to correctly incorporate greenery has some do's and don'ts and luckily we were able to chat with Christopher Griffin, a plant-fluencer and the author of You Grow, Gurl!, to give us the dirt on what to avoid when decorating with houseplants.

You Don't Have Enough Variety

<p> komargallery/Getty Images</p>

komargallery/Getty Images

“Choose greenery with different shapes, sizes, and textures,” Griffin says. Why? “A diverse display adds visual interest.” Fill your space with an array of plants that require similar care (a pothos, spider, and monstera, for example) and you won’t have to remember a million random watering schedules.

You Overlook Vertical Space

<p><br/>Dorling Kindersley: Rob Streeter/Getty Images</p><p> </p>

Dorling Kindersley: Rob Streeter/Getty Images

Griffin suggests taking advantage of vertical space. Try placing pretty pots on bookshelves and incorporating hanging plants throughout your home. “Whether suspended from the ceiling or mounted on walls, hanging plants save floor space and also draw the eye up, transforming your living space into a lush, green oasis,” Griffin says.

Your Planters Are Boring

<p>DuKai photographer</p>

DuKai photographer

“Consider materials, colors, and shapes that align with your overall decor,” Griffin says. Think: powder-coated steel bins in a modern space, or hand-painted terracotta ones in a traditional room. Make sure you pick planters that have drainage holes (and matching saucers!) so roots don’t drown.

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