We Have 3 Embarrassing Moments A Week, Study Finds

And you thought that you were having a bad week? Three-quarters of Americans feel they endure an utterly embarrassing moment at least once a week, which includes cringe-worthy bathroom-related emergencies. A new survey of 2,000 Americans examined just how often people tend to experience awkwardness or embarrassing moments in life and revealed the typical person is left red-faced three times a week on average. Being clumsy and dropping things are the most common source of embarrassment for the average American, but the survey also shows that a number of people can’t help but puttheir foot in their mouth. In fact, 38 percent of respondents say they commonly embarrass themselves by saying something inappropriate. The research, conducted by The Parthenon Co, makers of the FDA approved non-Rx flatulence deodorizing drug, Devrom, found nearly six in ten Americans have had to endure the embarrassment of a bathroom-related emergency. Talking to someone you find attractive was deemed the single most awkward scenario to lead to embarrassment, followed by bumping in to someone you know. The minefield of trying to impress someone you like saw first dates voted the third most- awkward scenario. Being confined in spaces like an elevator, crowded train or traveling by plane also made Americans’ top five situations most likely to lead to embarrassment of some kind, with bumping into an ex the fifth most-dreaded scenario. Nearly a fifth of Americans (18 percent) are commonly flustered after making a bad joke, and one in seven frequently experience a wardrobe malfunction – including for women a nipple slipping out and having their pants or skirt ripped while bending over. The results showed feeling flustered or out of our comfort zones can enhance the chances of things going wrong, with sixty percent of Americans saying they tend to experience embarrassment when anxious or nervous. A spokesman for Devrom said: “Everyone has had a moment of embarrassment especially after passing gas. Such moments are unexpected and can create a lot of anxiety because of the sound as well as the smell. While the sound is temporary, odor from flatulence can linger and smell just horrible. Combine this with being in a confined space like an airplane, elevator or an office meeting and one can really experience stress.” Sadly, two-thirds of the survey respondents have had instances where an accessible bathroom was not available. And one in five (22 percent) have had the disastrous experience of needing to find an available bathroom during an outdoor activity. Naturally, flatulence is a huge precursor to awkwardness with six in ten (55%) saying this causes them huge embarrassment around family and friends. In fact, those in relationships said it took them an average of eight (7.6) months to feel comfortable passing gas in front of a partner. About four in ten (39 percent) have farted during sex, but only four percent said the flatulence abruptly ended their session between the sheets. The Devrom spokesman added: “Odor from flatulence or gas is a natural thing and something we all experience. When we feel the urgency to pass gas can happen at the most inconvenient times like at work, in an airplane, in an office meeting as well as sexual intimacy. Gas odor can be modified with diet, but sometimes it isn’t that easy. Devrom® is an over-the- counter FDA approved drug that allows you to control the flatulence and stool odor.”

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