3 internet TV stories you might find interesting

Cape Town – Internet television is the digital distribution of TV content, such as series and movies, via the internet. 

With internet TV comes the freedom to escape schedules and instead watch whatever you want, whenever you want. 

Today 3 interesting local stories related to this topic made headlines.

See the stories below:

1) Netflix knows when you want to watch your favourite shows!

A recent data study by Netflix revealed some interesting insights into the viewing patterns of internet TV consumers. (Read more here)

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

2) This Jim Carrey doccie on Netflix will leave you shook

In 1999 Jim Carrey starred in the biographical drama Man on the Moon based on the life of the late Andy Kaufman - this is the side of story you didn't get to see before. (Read more here)

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

3) Babes, you’ll love Tali’s top 3 wedding day tips!

Tali, the star of Showmax’s debut original series Tali’s Wedding Diary, is sharing her best wedding tips in the build-up to the launch of her much-anticipated show. (Read more here)

Julia Anastasopoulos

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(Photos:Eric Liebowitz /Netflix/Gareth Wiese/Showmax)