3-Legged K-9 Retires After 7 Years of Service

Despite losing a leg and a shoulder to cancer, retired K-9 Jagger of the Wells Maine Police looked as energetic as ever in a video shared on February 4.

German shepherd Jagger, a member of the Wells Maine Police Department since he was a puppy in 2013, lost his shoulder and right front leg to cancer on December 11, police told Storyful.

Jagger, who had been deployed on 191 calls during his time with the police, retired at the end of January and now lives with his handler, Captain Kevin Chabot.

In this footage filmed about a month after Jagger’s surgery, the former police dog can be seen on the grounds of the Wells Maine K-9 training facility, sprinting toward an officer for the typical bite-and-hold drill used to teach K-9 units how to gain control of a suspect.

“His working spirit is very much intact,” a Facebook post accompanying the video reads. “We wish him the best for his retirement and thank him for his service.” Credit: Wells Maine Police via Storyful