3 mobile massages to bring the spa into your home

Evening Standard Lifestyle team

You know that feeling when all you want is a nice, hearty, massage to get out all the knots, but the last thing you want to do is journey to a spa?

Whine, gripe and be tense no more.

At-home massages are the way of the future, bringing luxury, relaxation and peace to your home or place of work. Need some guidance? We road-tested the best in London:

Urban Massage

At-home massage (Urban Massage)

Therapist: Karen R

Verdict: After a long day in the office, the lovely Karen arrived and set up a mini treatment room in my living room complete with soothing music and a plush massage bed that wouldn’t look out of place in a five star spa. I requested a full body massage that really concentrated on my upper body, neck and arms – I started to drift off after about 10 minutes, so it’s safe to say Karen did an excellent job, kneading away (to just the desired pressure) the aches and pains of London life.

Prices: Start at £65 for one hour

Tip: Therapists don’t bring towels, so make sure you have a few of your own to spread over the massage bed.


By Kate Lough

CityLux massage


Therapist: Patricia

Verdict: Be it in the comfort of your own home or at the office, City Lux’s team of master masseuses promise to soothe any knot or sore point without the effort of having to trek to a luxury spa. They offer everything from deep tissue and aromatherapy massages to bioslimming wraps, all of which can be ordered within the hour if you live in (or are staying in) central London for the night. Our friendly therapist Patricia arrived with a clean and organised kit, transforming my living space into a relaxing at-home spa experience with a massage table and soothing, ambient music.

After a brief consultation to find out my trouble spots, Patricia set to work on a full body Swedish massage, checking the pressure was okay with her calming presence. With skilled hands, she firmly massaged the muscles with long gliding strokes, honing in on my sore shoulders and untangling knots and chronic muscle tension along the way.

Patricia then moved into a deep tissue massage, using a firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of tissue and fascia. This can feel painful at first, but post-massage, your whole body will be left feeling joyously relaxed, pain-free and tingling from the experience. A must-try for anyone that’s looking to bring the spa to the sitting room.

Prices: Start at £60 for one hour

Tip: The expert therapists can give you advice and recommend the most suitable massage, but I would definitely recommend booking a Swedish if you’re a newbie that’s looking for a relaxing treatment that isn’t too intense, with an aim to release post-work stresses.


by Liz Connor

Milk Beauty

Therapist: Abigail

Verdict: Milk will come to you whether it's in the office or at home - but after a luxurious massage, it's all about flopping straight into bed, so go for home. Coconut oil fans can take their obsession one step further by opting for the 'Coconut Massage', which will be tailored to your personal needs by your therapist. Got a tricky knot in your bag or want them to concentrate on your neck and shoulders? Just ask. I was so relaxed I fell into a near-sleep for the duration of the massage and being at home, didn't have to clamber onto the tube in my trance-like state. And head-to-toe. my body was silky smooth and coconutty. Heaven.

Price: £70 for an hour


By Amy Harris