A 3-year-old girl saves her dad's life after he suffered a stroke by calling her mom on FaceTime

Molly McCabe isn’t just dressed as a superhero; the 3-year-old proved to be one after she saved her dad’s life when he suffered a stroke. (Photo: Devon McCabe via Facebook)

Molly McCabe may be only 3 years old, and she may not have a firm hold on the alphabet yet, but that didn’t stop her from saving her father’s life after he suffered a stroke last week.

On July 4, Trevor McCabe was at home in Winchester, Va., with his daughter when he “heard a loud humming noise in his ears.” His wife, Devon, told Fox News that he “felt like he was dying.”

Devon, who works as an ICU nurse, missed the first FaceTime call that came through on her phone from her husband. On the second call, she answered and saw her daughter in tears. “She was sobbing crying and couldn’t articulate words very well,” Devon said.

Molly then turned the camera around, and Devon saw her husband, who is only 27, collapsed on the floor.

Trevor McCabe is recovering from his stroke with his wife, Devon, by his side. (Photo: Devon McCabe via Facebook)

Devon called her neighbor, who rushed over and called 911. Devon also left work and was able to arrive just as the ambulance did.

According to doctors, Trevor’s stroke was the result of a blood clot to his basilar artery, which is located at the front of the brain stem. Obstruction of blood flow through this crucial artery can cause severe brain damage, organ malfunction, or death, according to Health Line.

Trevor’s brain had begun to swell, and the father of two had to undergo emergency brain surgery. Doctors attribute the cause of the stroke to a hole in McCabe’s heart, a condition called patent foramen ovale. The family is asking for donations to help pay for medical costs.

According to a post on Devon’s Facebook on Thursday, Trevor is still “the same old Trev,” but he does have a lot of hard work ahead. He continues to make progress: He’s able to take a few steps, and his voice and speech are coming back to him.

Molly’s quick reaction is to thank for that progress being possible. The smart 3-year-old apparently learned how to use FaceTime by watching her parents call each other. “I’m so proud of her,” her mother said. “She without a doubt saved his life.”

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