3-year-old Singaporean girl dies from COVID-19: MOH

An illustration of COVID-19
COVID-19 illustration. (SOURCE: Getty Images)

SINGAPORE — A three-year-old girl died on Tuesday (13 September) from COVID-19, Singapore’s third death caused by the disease in a patient aged below 12 years old, the Ministry of Health said on Wednesday.

The girl had a past history of multiple medical conditions before her COVID-19 infection, MOH said. She tested positive for COVID-19 on 9 August and was hospitalised on 13 August.

She died on 13 September and the cause of death was due to anoxic brain injury arising from cardiac arrest and COVID-19 infection.

“MOH extends our deepest condolences to the patient’s family.”

The girl’s death comes almost two months after a four-year-old Singaporean girl died on 17 July due to COVID-19 pneumonia.

In June, a one-and-a-half-year-old Singaporean boy died after being infected with COVID-19, making him the youngest-ever fatality from the disease in Singapore. The cause of his death was encephalitis, or inflammation of the brain.

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