32-year-old hiker dies from heat exhaustion at Zion National Park in Utah

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32-year-old hiker dies from heat exhaustion at Zion National Park in Utah

A 32-year-old hiker has died from heat exhaustion at Utah’s Zion National Park, according to officials.

A statement released by the Zion National Park said the incident occurred on Monday. The hiker, named John Henry Wolf, was from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The Zion dispatch team received a report saying Wolf had been complaining of heat exhaustion at the exit route of the Left Fork of North Creek, which is a popular canyon in the national park.

After the report, medical personnel rushed to his location and performed CPR on him for an hour. He did not respond to the treatment and died at the scene.

A helicopter retrieved Wolf’s body and his death is being investigated by the National Park Service and Washington County’s sheriff’s office.

Earlier this month, a Boston woman died from a heat-related illness after hiking in the Phoenix mountain in Arizona. Officials believe she was in search of water after she decided to turn around in the middle of her hike.

The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention says if you’re not used to exercising in the heat, start slow. If you end up gasping for air, halt all physical activity and try to go into a shaded area.

Beyond hiking, there have been hundreds of heat-related deaths this summer. Washington and Oregon state reported 95 and 96 deaths, respectively, but there were hundreds of excess deaths, too.

Staying hydrated is crucial to preventing heat illnesses, according to the CDC. The organisation also recommends drinking one cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes if you work in the heat.

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