32 "Why Would You Put That In Writing?!?!?" Photos That Prove Some People Are The Worst

Sometimes, people say upsetting things that make you go, "DID YOU ACTUALLY JUST SAY THAT?!?!?!"

Aubrey Plaza with a surprised expression and the word "WHAT?" in bold text superimposed

But other times, people literally make the decision to WRITE OUT their ridiculous and/or abhorrent thoughts. Friends, the following 32 images are from those people:

1.First, there's this hacker who stole someone's credit card, used it to buy a plane ticket, and then — when the rightful owner of the card canceled the flight — dared to send them this email:

Email screenshot expressing concern about a possibly cancelled flight, seeking urgent response due to a family event. Sender's details redacted
u/AshesfallforAshton / Via reddit.com

2.Next, I can't get over that this person — who is two and a half hours late to a dinner their friend is cooking them! — texted such an unbothered excuse:

Text message exchange teasing a late arrival mentioning grandma, Jenny, and Kim Kardashian
u/Richersonrealty / Via reddit.com

3.And this unhinged person had absolutely no shame in admitting what they did:

"Opened because I'm curious"
u/cashmirfunk / Via reddit.com

4.This aunt went OFF on her very pregnant niece's plan to name her baby Lilith:

Text messages debating whether to name a child after a deceased person, with spiritual concerns expressed

5.This restaurant thought it was a good idea to affix this sticker to a take-out package saying A) they didn't have part of the order, and B) they replaced it with "nothing":

Handwritten sign apologizing for being out of salad, but offering no replacement item
u/Kasperella / Via reddit.com

6.This delusional "influencer" gave a restaurant a crap review — despite liking the food — because the owners didn't give them a discount for posting a photo of the food to Instagram:

Image of a smartphone displaying a text post from a user sharing a positive restaurant experience due to attentive management and free advertising resulting in a meal comp.
u/kushVILLE416 / Via reddit.com

7.And this landlord seriously posted about how to defraud people out of their deposit (or bond as they call it in Australia):

"What's the best way you've managed to keep your tenants bond money?"
u/ReadingWritngHotline / Via reddit.com

8.This jerk on a dating app had no problem typing out this casual cruelty:

A screenshot of a humorous text conversation where one person accidentally types "Accidental swipe" and adds a funny remark
u/bindibelle8 / Via reddit.com

9.This franchise owner decided it was totally normal and cool to post this:

"Please be advised there is a charge of $1 for NO ice in all iced beverages."
u/CrazyBigHog / Via reddit.com

10.And this person — who I'm sure is fun at parties — decided it was a good idea to write "don't care" on this "Fun Fact of the Week" put up by a colleague:

A whiteboard with a fun fact about the Eiffel Tower expanding 15cm in summer due to thermal expansion

11.This dude bought an entire boat, watched his check get cashed, then dared to send this text:

Text exchange where one person discusses a check and a boat purchase, and another apologizes for the inconvenience
u/International-Move43 / Via reddit.com

12.This charmer wrote a note threatening to call the police if their neighbor didn't stop — am I reading this right? — walking around barefoot:

"Stop walking barefoot"

13.And this person at a guest house in Tokyo put in writing how really, REALLY, REALLY mad they were that someone drank some of their milk:

Handwritten note with drawings warning against stealing milk from the fridge, humorously addressed to a "pig-san."

14.Whoa nelly, this woman is seriously trying to get a refund for wedding photos taken years ago:

Chat screenshots showing a conversation about dissatisfaction with wedding photos and a refusal to refund

15.This teacher thought it was totally normal to give their third graders this complicated project that includes creating "a new toy that has never been made":

Text on a project guideline sheet for a 3D toy design incorporating imaginative elements, with drawings of whimsical creatures on top
u/ThatsMrSmeeToYou / Via reddit.com

16.This teacher had the AUDACITY to write this note giving their student a zero on a whole-ass paper just because it wasn't turned in stapled:

A 0 on a paper for it not being stapled
u/DimitriTooProBro / Via reddit.com

17.And this professor had the gall to write an email saying an assignment turned in before the due date was, in fact, late:

Email exchange between a student and professor
u/videoresume / Via reddit.com

18.The person who composed this job training quiz really told on themselves and their company:

Screenshot of a feedback form with options for HR retention items: "A ping-pong table," "Additional responsibilities," "A raise in pay." The last is marked incorrect
u/wng378 / Via reddit.com

19.And this company sent an email to a prospective employee saying they'd be required to eat vegan food only onsite:

Job application with questions about vegan lunch policy, partially redacted

20.This car wash attendant had no problem sending a woman this first text:

Hello Gorgeous. Your vehicle is ready for you when you are ready."

21.This person sent their neighbor a note insisting they take down ALL of their Halloween decorations...on November 1st:

A handwritten note expressing frustration over Halloween decorations left up by neighbors, asking for them to be taken down
u/dudermcamerika / Via reddit.com

22.And this neighbor wrote an infuriating and totally unsolicited letter that includes the old "I'm not racist but..." line:

"I was recently informed that you are not Mexican, but Indian..."

Sign it with your real name, you racist coward!

u/ibiza54 / Via reddit.com

23.This business owner actually sat down and typed out this totally unreasonable rule for their employees to follow:

"This toilet is to be used for PEEING only."
u/heichousbleach / Via reddit.com

24.This person — oh boy — accepted a delivery meant for a neighbor down the street, then, after using most of it, tried to sell the rest to the very neighbor who ordered/paid for it:

"text me if ur interested"

25.This POS went off like this over a salad...and let me just say this woman dodged a bullet and can do SOOOO much better:

"You was pose to havw butterflies n shit how could you eat that much"
u/RyanFunroe / Via reddit.com

26.And this absolutely demented weirdo threatened legal action against a neighbor because the potted plants on their porch were artificial:

A note from a neighbor
u/HedgehogSmoothie / Via reddit.com

27.Speaking of bad neighbors, this one lost it because someone had a get-together on — checks notes — Thanksgiving:

"If I hear you, I will call"
u/gravityandlove / Via reddit.com

28.And this gym owner said, "Why yes...this is equally normal and cool!":

A note from Blink fitness
u/TheGeekThatStoleTech / Via reddit.com

29.These roommates just went ahead and sent a text billing another roomie for...something they didn't ask for:

"It's only 36 each of us girls"
u/fml2023 / Via reddit.com

30.This jerk (no question mark needed) was totally fine with harassing this woman about not drinking:

"Are you going to have water? Lol"
u/DarthSadie / Via reddit.com

31.These "tire fighters" are "sorry, not sorry" about writing this and leaving it on people's cars:

"You gas guzzlers"
u/francis-drake / Via reddit.com

32.And lastly, this similarly unpleasant person also left a threatening note on a car without any second thoughts:

"Tourists are ruining Asheville"