People Who Attended Weddings Of Couples Who Split Up Super Fast Are Sharing What Happened, And It's Chaosssss

People Who Attended Weddings Of Couples Who Split Up Super Fast Are Sharing What Happened, And It's Chaosssss

Reddit user u/skilled-dreamer asked the community, "People who went to a wedding where the couple didn't last long, what happened?" The thread quickly filled with every angle of wedding drama you can imagine. Here's what people shared:

1."I was at a friend's relative's wedding. The groom slurred his way through his vows. The ring he tried to put on her finger didn't fit. Then, he gave a very drunk speech saying if he didn't screw up his life by cheating on his ex, then she would be sitting there right now and not his new bride. The ring didn't fit because he bought it for his ex-fiancée. He started crying and left. He left the venue. The bride had the marriage annulled. The groom tried to get back with his ex. She had moved on and was engaged already. He then tried to get back with the bride. Fortunately, she had a firm backbone and told him to get lost. Last I heard, she got with a great guy, and they have kids. The groom is still alone."


2."I was bartending a wedding, and the groom kept getting drink after drink. He was so drunk that I started making his drinks with water, and he didn't notice. Next thing you know, he is kissing a bridesmaid in the middle of the dance floor. His new father-in-law didn't take kindly to this and proceeded to knock him out. They got it annulled."


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3."The father of the bride got extremely drunk and did a very long, rambling speech in which he revealed he'd done a background check on the husband and discovered they were cousins. He got booed and dragged off the stage, but unfortunately, things didn't last long, as you can imagine."


4."The bride and groom got married at 20, and the bride's dad asked her to return his credit card during his speech because she can't use 'daddy's money' now that she's married. He then ran over and started cutting his OWN credit card while the DJ played 'Rich Girl.'"


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5."About a week before the wedding, she found proof that he was cheating. She'd already suspected it, but now there was evidence. He was already kind of a sucky partner; he was a bum and made her pay for all their living expenses alone. All of us bridesmaids encouraged her to call it off. Even her father, who paid for everything, told her it was fine if she called it off. But she went ahead anyway, and we all had to smile through it. A year later, they had a baby. A year after that, they were divorced."


6."I helped a bride (a coworker from my old job) get the wedding she wanted, not her MIL's. I told the bride I could only help sort her MIL and mama's boy groom out for the wedding, but not for the marriage. I pointed out that MIL would get involved with everything in their marriage, and the groom would side with his mum. I also told her about the multiple red flags I saw in their (bride and groom) relationship. I advised her not to marry the mama's boy before it was too late. The bride believed that the second they said, 'I do,' the groom would change from mama's boy to the perfect husband. Their marriage lasted six months."

"This is what the bride told me was the final straw: The couple was having their honeymoon a few months after the wedding. The bride had points to upgrade their flight tickets to first class. The bride was caught off-guard by seeing her MIL at the airport. The groom said he and his mum would fly first class, and the bride could fly economy. Then, the groom brought up their hotel arrangements. He said he and his mum would be in a honeymoon suite, and the bride would be in a single bedroom."


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7."The groom went missing between the ceremony and the reception. The bride found him banging the best man in the toilets. She smashed a glass in his face."


8."We went to a wedding, and the bride found out the groom was cheating with her maid of honor. The maid of honor was (unknowingly) pregnant with the groom's baby at the time of the wedding. The bride found out on their honeymoon when she saw a text message from her 'best friend' on her husband’s phone informing him of his new parental status. The bride filed for divorce when they came back home and she moved back in with her parents. She felt betrayed and humiliated by her friend and husband. We dropped the husband as a friend, as my husband and I have zero trust in cheaters."


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9."During the reception, the bride's niece accidentally knocked over a drink that splashed the bride's shoes, and the bride backhanded her in front of everyone. It caused a huge fight, and the groom walked out right there."


10."The bride had a very Instagram wedding, which was quite over the top. She had two different dresses and a videographer who made it look like it was a film. It turns out the groom had been sleeping with the maid of honor for six months before the wedding, and it was found out when the MOH was crying, saying, 'This should've been me,' at the party afterward. The cake tasted absolutely incredible, though, 10/10."


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11."They were both 35 and successful: a lawyer and doctor. But, they had never spent the night at each other's houses. After the marriage, they couldn't agree on who would move in with whom. They filed for divorce after three months. No one knows why they even got married at all. I guess they felt like they were supposed to at that age."


12."I'm not sure what happened, but the thank you card for my gift arrived the day I found out they were divorced. It was two weeks, at most."


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13."My cousin was in a toxic relationship for a long time. They got engaged, and he tried to leave her before the wedding. Her family (apparently drug-doing, trouble-making hillbillies) pressured him into staying. The wedding was called off about a week before and was back on in less than 24 hours. He married her, and they separated the next day. They're getting a divorce now. She just had a baby, and we're unsure if it's his. This happened pretty recently, so it's causing some family drama."


14."It was a destination wedding. There were no bridesmaids and two best men who were old colleagues of the groom who he wasn't really close to. They had three photographers: one who came as part of the wedding package, one the bride paid to have flown out with them, and one friend of the couple who took all the photos on his phone, but otherwise worked as though he had been hired for the job. No one had anything good to say about them as a couple. Her family wasn't invited, and his family spent all evening bitching about how awful the wedding prep had been since the bride cut so many people out of the wedding with just weeks to go (hence no bridesmaids, etc.)."

"The photographer hired to fly out sat with us at one point and offloaded about how stressful the whole day had been, calling the bride a 'bridezilla.' I'm not sure how quickly they separated after, but we never saw the wedding photos. I think it was a matter of weeks. We spent over £2,000 to be there."


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15."The groom had a quickie with a barmaid at the reception and the bride came out to her maid of honor. Almost everyone at the wedding caught chicken pox from the ring bearer (who was clearly feverish), the food was horrible, and it all ended with a mass brawl in the car park."


16."She started cheating on me like three months after the wedding (that I can prove), but I’m like pretty sure she was beforehand, at least emotionally. She cried at the altar, but not a sweet happy cry. It seemed like a really upset 'I’m about to make a big mistake' cry. I remember thinking, 'This doesn't seem right. Why is she crying like that?' But, she gave me no reason to second-guess the wedding at all, so I literally had no clue until we were GETTING MARRIED. We went through with it, and she started cheating three months later. I learned about it three months after that, and we divorced."


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17."The bride and groom got married, and within three months, the bride found out the groom was married and had kids in a different country."


18."A friend of mine found out a few days after her wedding that her husband hadn't been away for work a few months before their marriage as he claimed, but was actually with his side chick, who was giving birth to his child. The side chick had no idea either, so they had a long talk about him before confronting him. She got an annulment due to entering into the marriage under false circumstances."


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19."I attended two Disney-themed weddings, and both couples had gotten engaged at Disneyland, spent a fortune on Disney decor for the weddings, and honeymooned at Disneyland. In both cases, the women wanted the whole dream wedding of being a princess and they totally glazed over the reality of marriage and the flawed nature of their outlook on it. They wanted the wedding but weren't ready for the future afterward. Both couples divorced in less than two years. My friends, who had a ceremony at the courthouse, have been together for almost 10 years now."

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20."Several months before the wedding, they decided to (discreetly) open their relationship up to non-monogamy on the proviso that it would become monogamous again after the wedding day. The groom's new ‘girlfriend’ attended the wedding, got a bit too drunk, and spent the reception loudly stating how upset she was and how she couldn’t bear to watch them kiss during the ceremony. It didn’t take long for the new wife to come home and find the girlfriend hiding in the primary bedroom ensuite."


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21."My brother married a woman from Russia while in the army. The whole family thought she married him for a green card, but he was convinced it was love. They had their ceremony in a gazebo on a military base. It was a small gathering of family that traveled from out of state. His best friend since high school got ordained so that he could marry them. My brother was really excited. He wore a nice suit, and the bride… well… she showed up in a bright pink tracksuit. They divorced a year later."


22."The groom was about 35 and the bride was 25. The groom was a high-flying corporate lawyer with no awareness that his young wife was far more intelligent and driven than he was. His entire speech was about how she was a total idiot and how he was her meal ticket and life guide. They lasted a year. He's still doing very well as a lawyer. She was on the board of major organizations before she was 30. He either utterly misjudged her as a person or was threatened by her. Either way, she divorced him and moved on."


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23."I live in a small town in Switzerland, so everybody knows everybody. A couple was set to marry on a Saturday. The guests came along, and while they were greeted, the bride excused herself. She left to suck off a former male friend of hers 'one last time' and got caught. We used to joke about her 'blowing off the wedding.' This happened years ago, and they both live separately in our town. When I see them, I can't think of anything but this story."


24."Tale as old as time. One of my roommates in college got engaged to a guy in the army after dating for less than a year. My roommates and I were so confused when she came back from Christmas break engaged. During our senior year, the fiancé was deployed, and my roommate became 'best friends' with the bouncer at our local bar, spending days and nights with him but denying anything was going on. Girl, our bedrooms are right next to each other. When her fiancé returned, one of his groomsmen had to drop out of the wedding, so she INSISTED her new 'best friend' be a groomsman."

"I declined the wedding invite because it was obvious how screwed up the situation was, and I didn't support it. That made for awkward times, as we still lived together until the wedding. Another roommate and I tried to tell her fiancé what was happening, but he totally blew us off. I think he was in denial and just made excuses for her. They lasted 10 months, I think."


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25."They were banging other people before the wedding, didn't go on the same honeymoon together, continued to bang other people after the wedding, and stopped living in the same house by the time five months had rolled around. The wedding was fun, though, and the booze was free."


26."The groom smashed the cake into the bride's face when she had specifically told him not to. I have never seen rage shoot from someone's eyes like that before. She walked out of the wedding and tore up the certificate. She called the whole thing off. There had been other red flags with the groom, but this was the final straw. Honestly, I'm happy for her. The groom gave me weird vibes the few times I'd met him."


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27."It turned out the groom (who I was working for then) was banging the gal who played the violin for the music at their wedding. I'm not sure how long the marriage lasted, but it was pretty quick — a couple of months at most. It was a HUGE and costly wedding. I still feel bad for the bride. She was super nice, and he was such an idiot. I hope she got the wedding annulled and found someone who deserved her. I stopped working for the guy around that time, so I never really heard what came of it, but I know it was over really fast."


28."I saw some signs at the wedding, like ignoring each other, making rude and snide remarks publicly, etc. They tried to fix their marriage by having a kid earlier than they planned, and that led to divorce. Both are married to different people now and have had more kids. By all accounts, they are far more civil, even cordial, with each other."


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29."The groom caught the bride cheating with the best man at the wedding. It had been going on for months. They kept it together for the night so no one knew. They tried to make it work but only lasted three months."


30."Good mate of mine. I got a weird vibe at the wedding, so I knew something was up. He sat on the bridal table and smashed a bottle of Scotch, and she danced all night with her teenage daughter from a previous relationship. It turns out he'd picked up the iPad connected to her phone the week before the wedding and saw all the messages from her karate instructor who she was having an affair with. His relatives were already en route from overseas, so they went through with the wedding but never signed the paperwork!"


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31."From the first time I met him, I knew my friend's ex-husband was an insecure, controlling, arrogant a-hole. Interestingly, my friend didn't see it, considering what a strong and independent woman she is. Anyway, after he accused her of being in love with a coworker (she wasn't), he spent a furious evening burning all of her stuff in the yard, including her wedding dress and an expensive clarinet. She divorced him before their first anniversary. The bakery that made their wedding cake had a first-anniversary cake written into their contract, so she enjoyed that cake with her mom and sister, toasting her divorce."


32."The bride had a history of being extremely flirty and staying in touch with her ex. The husband was very conscious of this and constantly asked her where she was and who she was with. Even though the flags were very red, they had a massively expensive wedding. It lasted three weeks."


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33.And: "The wedding was lovely and perfect. I am told that the reception was lovely and perfect, but I didn't go, as I had a flight to catch. She told me later that she woke up the next morning, saw him lying there, and just couldn't do it. She couldn't imagine spending another day in his company, couldn't imagine his inane friends telling the same stories about peaking in high school, and was disgusted by the thought of being under him with him rutting to satisfaction, then getting off to watch television. She called my sister. I was overseas, so I arranged for my brother to pick her up and drop her at my apartment. I wouldn't be back for another eight weeks, so she was welcome to use it until then. I met her at work when I was back and got all the gossip. A few years later, she found a genuinely good man. The wedding was low-key."


Have you ever gone to a wedding where the marriage didn't last very long? What happened?

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