I'm Weirdly Fascinated By The Human Body, So These 34 Photos Actually Blew My Mind

1.This is what it looks like in your body when you're about to fart.

  u/PPHelicopter / Via
u/PPHelicopter / Via

2.If you get a skin graft from somewhere on your body that grows hair, even when it's transplanted to a place like your fingers, it'll still grow hair.

fingers growing hair where the skin graft happened
u/gifgaar / Via

3.Your fingers, fingernails, and even fingerprints have a remarkable ability to grow back.

finger that got amputated and grew back with a nail next to their regular finger
u/Alerointrigue12 / Via

4.In fact, if you lose the tip of a finger above the nail matrix, the whole thing might grow back just fine.

you can see the line where a hatchet cut off fingers but they grew back
u/ObscureOP / Via

5.Some people are not able to bend certain fingers — which means they never get the creases most people have halfway down their finger.

side by side of a thumb that has the creases that bends and the other hand that has a thumb that can't bend
u/Breapop / Via

6.And some people have extra creases.

person and their grandma's pinky fingers with extra creases
u/bbystvr / Via

7.Some people only have two segments on some of their fingers rather than the usual three.

two-bone index finger
u/kittyc0w / Via

8.And some people are missing a joint on all their fingers.

hand with fingers that can only bed at the top and not the middle like normal
u/JayFayad / Via

9.This woman has osteochondromatosis, which makes it look like she has multiple elbows.

  [deleted] / Via
[deleted] / Via

10.This person was born without toe bones.

the toes curl up
u/flammeneis / Via

11.I do think perspective is at play in this photo, but there's still a super clear difference in the size of these two legs after one didn't bear weight for three weeks.

one leg looks very skinny
u/move_it_soccer_head / Via

12.This is what it looks like to have Colobomas, or Cat-Eye syndrome.

pupils are shaped like a cat's
u/the_local_hobo / Via

Here's a closer look:

  u/the_local_hobo / Via
u/the_local_hobo / Via

13.Did you know it's possible to have a section of your eye be a different color?

closeup of an eye that has one section that's a different color

14.People with Corneal Arcus have a little white crescent in their eyes that I honestly think is beautiful.

  u/TheZets / Via
u/TheZets / Via

15.This is what it looks like to have your skin try to re-pigment when you have vitiligo.

arm with two different tones
u/inkyedges / Via

16.This is how big wisdom teeth are compared to baby teeth.

very small tooth next to a bigger one
u/Fleischwors / Via

17.Speaking of wisdom teeth — apparently they can be striped???

  u/tastefuldebauchery / Via
u/tastefuldebauchery / Via

18.This is what it looks like to have SEVEN wisdom teeth (this poor person!!!).

x-ray showing the extra teeth
u/dredgeops / Via

19.Many people with stick-straight hair end up with curls or waves after chemo, in what's known as chemo curls.

before and after of their hair growing back
u/waxeryboiliroo / Via

20.In fact, your hair texture can change at any time, for a whole bunch of reasons. This person just had one segment grow back curly.

  u/eisamariah / Via
u/eisamariah / Via

21.Some people can do THIS with their thumbs.

thumb is bending backwards
u/Zillak / Via

22.I'm honestly not sure what's going on here, but it kinda blew my mind.

person's toes are long and bendy like fingers
u/Flip_Speed / Via

23.This is a photo of a small wound that is a little graphic, but I still think it's super interesting to see the way skin layers.

  u/RealBishop / Via
u/RealBishop / Via

24.This is what an X-ray looks like when you're wearing a menstrual cup.

arrow pointing to the cup inside their body
u/thewanderbot / Via

25.I just think it's wild how tan skin can get in the sun, though I do worry about this person not using sunscreen.

person removing their sock to reveal untanned skin that is pale
u/airboy1999 / Via

26.I also think it's wild to see just how much hair grows on some men's legs.

bottom half of their leg is shaved
[deleted] / Via

27.This is what it looks like to have only one finger get colder than the rest (this can happen with Reynaud's, but it's usually all the fingers).

the color is different from the rest of the hand
u/Upset_Concert8636 / Via

28.Look, I get a lot of split ends, but I don't think I've ever seen one quite this split.

many spilt ends on one strand
u/jocelynne66 / Via

29.Did you know hair can grow out of burns?

one single hair growing from the burn spot
u/pohling2 / Via

30.Some people only have one line on their palm.

  u/applebuddahh / Via
u/applebuddahh / Via

31.This is what skin looks like before and after an iron infusion.

before the hand looks pale and after the hand looks healthy with more color
u/mangobedient / Via

32.This is what it can look like to have had amniotic banding in the womb during pregnancy — aka, the amniotic sac separating and entangling parts of the fetus.

the person has no toes and one of their fingers looks like it had a string around it
u/I_Burned_The_Lasagna / Via

33.Some people with keratoconus exhibit Munson’s Sign, where your pupils are cone-shaped and downward-facing.

  u/mriTecha / Via
u/mriTecha / Via

34.And finally, this is more a medical treatment than a body, but did you know some types of fish skin can be used on burns and wounds to help skin regrow? Because my mind was blown.

fish scales along someone's legs
u/QueenMuda / Via