Donald Trump: a look back through the years

Gareth Richman, Alice Howarth
Donald J Trump/Instagram

This weekend marks a year since Donald Trump's inauguration when he was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States.

A tumultuous year, Trump was easily the most shocking candidate to ever get the keys to the most famous house in the world but if his track records anything to go by, he's a man who gets what he goes after.

Born in Queens, New York in 1946, he’s led a life of constant reinvention.

From a business magnet with a chequered track record, to a tabloid celebrity, a reality TV star and a politician - his working life has certainly not been predictable and neither has his personal one.

With one wife, two ex-wives, five children and seven grandchildren - the Trump family tree is sprawling.

Click through the above photo series to see exactly how it has grown.