4 in 10 Americans have had more DIY disasters than successes

Are you having trouble recreating what you saw on Pinterest? You're not alone. A new survey of 2,000 general population Americans discovered four in 10 have had more DIY failures than they did successes. The average person said it took them five hours of trial and error before quitting their project and calling in a professional to help. Nearly half (45%) completely butchered a home improvement project by trying to take it on without professional help, and 57% wish they could go back in time to call in a professional before getting started. Fifty-six percent get so flustered, they've called one of their parents to get play-by-play instructions on how to do a repair or home improvement project. Commissioned by BJ's Wholesale Club and conducted by OnePoll, the study revealed the average American starts experimenting with DIY home improvement projects at age 22.

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