4-bed house on sale for a 'preposterous' £1.35 million and it's in Leytonstone

Leytonstone is on the border between Zones 3 and 4 in East London
-Credit: (Image: Mike Kemp/In PIctures)

A house in North East London is on the market and it's pretty nice-looking. The catch is the four-bed is on sale for a bit over a million quid. The £1.35 million Leytonstone terraced house is just a few minutes walk from the London Underground, making it a pretty desirable area.

But many people aren't convinced of the property's value, claiming an ordinary family home of around 2,054 sqft in that corner of East London is not worth it.

Posting a screenshot of the advert on X (Twitter), one person wrote: "Loool this is preposterous". Others agreed, saying: "£1.3m for Leytonstone I just coughed up blood".

The original poster then replied to this, pointing out how thin and narrow the house appears from the photo in the advert and correcting the description to read: "A thin sliver of house in Leytonstone*." Leytonstone is in Zone 4 on the Central line.

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As another person said: "£1m+ and your postcode begins with ‘E’? Nobody should hate themselves this much". The property also appears to have been renovated before being sold, as someone else replied to the post with a photo of what it looked like before being done up and saying they 'prefer it as it was'.

Others pointed out the lack of parking in the three-bath house. One person said: "1 million and the house can accommodate only 1 car in the driveway and no privacy either".

According to Rightmove, average house prices in Leytonstone were around £619,581. The property website says: "The majority of sales in Leytonstone during the last year were terraced properties, selling for an average price of £721,988."

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