4 films to catch at Jozi Film Festival

Johannesburg - Film lovers will be happy to know that the Jozi Film Festival – Joburg’s only independent multigenre film fest – is back. With screenings at The Bioscope in Maboneng and Cinema Nouveau in Rosebank, audiences will be able to see local, African and international works.

The festival will also feature some award-winning student films.

Here are four films #Trending thinks you should see:

1. Troupes of War
Cinema Nouveau
September 23, 2pm
By focusing on Diturupa, a celebration of military history held in Makapanstad in rural North West, this local film takes a look at the role that black South African soldiers played during World War 1, and the often inhumane way in which they were treated.

Troupes of War

2. The Suit
The Bioscope
September 23, 5.30pm

Refered to as “funny, moving and strange” by US publication SFGate, The Suit is a short film version of Can Themba’s classic South African story of a man who forces his wife to treat her lover’s suit as if it were a person. Taking place against the backdrop of the apartheid regime’s forced removals, the film is directed by Jarryd Coetsee and stars Atandwa Kani in the leading role of Philemon and John Kani as Mr Maphikela.

3. Noma
The Bioscope
September 23, 8.30pm
This local cinema vérité documentary focuses on one woman, Noma, who tells the wider story of post-apartheid South African youth. Daily Maverick praised it for “building a compelling, empathetic narrative that reminds the viewer of the human beings at the centre of a systemic disaster”.

4. The African Who Wanted to Fly
Cinema Nouveau
September 23, 5pm
The fascinating, quirky, and inspiring story of Luc Bendza. Born in a small town in Gabon, Bendza entered a Shaolin temple at the age of 15 and went on to become a kung fu master. Bendza’s skill led to his starring in many kung fu films, and he even worked with Jackie Chan. US film website Take One applauded the film for “brimming with wit and warmth”, and called Bendza “an engaging and highly watchable subject”.