40-year-old UK mum has spent £3,500 in five months on BARBIE DOLL collection

Clare Rawling has forked out on vintage dolls and accessories spanning six decades from the 1960s after falling back in love with the iconic figures of beauty and elegance. She also boasts a brilliant collection of outfits, props and sets which she plays with by arranging them in scenarios and taking pictures for social media. Clare, who runs a vintage film poster business, was "obsessed" with Barbie as a youngster and cherished her childhood collection. The mum-of-one said: "Sometimes I have to remind myself I'm 40. "It's hard to explain the feeling Barbie gives me, it's very nostalgic and they bring back lots of happy memories. "They bring me joy, it's as simple as that." Filmed on 19th June 2021

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