John Partridge offers to help homeless EastEnders co-star Danniella Westbrook

Help could be at hand for homeless EastEnders star Danniella Westbrook, after former co-star John Partridge saw worrying photos of her and urged her to “get in touch”.

John Partridge and Danniella Westbrook/Rex Photos

The 45-year-old actor, who played Christian Clarke in the BBC soap, told The Sun: “I mean I love Danniella. It’s terrible to hear that and if Danniella sees this or reads this and she needs something then she should get in touch.

“I’m her friend, I’ve worked with her and I know her. I feel desperately desperately sorry for her. How do you help somebody? It’s so difficult to know the right thing to do but I want her to know if she needs anything then get in touch with me. She’s so vulnerable.”

43-year-old Danniella sparked concern after she was spotted dragging her suitcase through the streets of Liverpool last week after failing to keep up with her rent payments.

Danniella Westbrook/Rex Photos

The actress admitted last month that she had “spiralled into a depression” following her Big Brother appearance alongside John earlier in the year.  “I had the best time in there. I came out so excited to get back on my feet,” she explained.

“This happened and I haven’t been able to work. This has spiralled me into a depression, and I split from my boyfriend too.”

John’s clearly keen to stay in touch with all of his other ex-housemates, too. “Kristina Rihanoff, I’ve seen her a lot of times,” he explained. “Chris Maloney, he’s such a nice guy—I’ve seen him a lot times.

“Scotty T I’ve seen him a lot. We’re really good mates and hung out a lot. I’ve been in Newcastle quite a bit as well and it’s been a nice to spend time with him.

Celebrity Big Brother stars/Rex Photos

“I did make some really good friends in there and friends I’ve carried on to see. It wasn’t all bad but psychologically it was really rough. It was really hard.”