4x4 Subaru stuck on Constantine Beach heralds in silly season

You may have been wondering when the unofficial start of the tourist season would be - especially with the weather not being much of an indicator as to when summer is. Well fear not, it is now.

No tourist season in Cornwall goes without at least one person driving onto a sandy beach and getting stuck. Well, we've got one, which means that silly season is now truly under way. This silver Subaru Forester did all that when it was driven onto Constantine Beach in the Seven Bays, near Padstow, and, despite being an all-wheel drive car, got stuck in the soft sand.

One onlooker who filmed the couple's struggle to get out of their predicament told CornwallLive: "Silly season has started. I saw this car driving on Constantine Beach last night. No-one from the beach helped to get it out the sand, everyone just stood and watched because it shouldn't be on there anyway."

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This Subaru Forester heralded the silly season in Cornwall when it drove onto the beach at Constantine Bay near Padstow and got stuck
This Subaru Forester heralded the silly season in Cornwall when it drove onto the beach at Constantine Bay near Padstow and got stuck to the amusement of several onlookers -Credit:Anna-Louise Mathieson

The incident happened at 8.46pm on Thursday (June 6). One of the onlookers said the woman passenger tried to move some sand with her foot, but it didn't make any difference, so the driver was going back and forth instead. In the video you can watch at the top of this article, the car seems to be going but gets stuck again.

The driver can be seen turning the car around as if to get some extra length of beach to launch out of the sand, only to drop back into the soft sand and get stuck - again. The video shows a couple walk past bemused while a group beachgoers sits on the nearby dune taking it all in. After about 20 minutes of trying, the driver finally managed to get out.

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In the video our reader sent us you can see a woman standing outside the driver's window, gesticulating and having what appears to be an argument with the driver while people who videoed the scene provide the commentary.

Our reader sent us a couple of videos altogether of the incident. In one video a woman can be heard saying: "Never a good idea to drive your car onto the beach." Another person can be heard saying: "What a to**er." Others are just giggling and rather uncharitably enjoying the couple's misfortune.

Finally, the bearded male driver of the Subaru manages to turn the car around before revving it up and gathering speed to drive out of the sand and off the beach.

The onlooker added: "He certainly got himself in a pickle and made entertainment for all to watch. The exit was a little bit inconsiderate, flying past near people who were casually sitting and enjoying their evening."

One this occasion, there was no loss of the vehicle to any incoming tide. No rescue services or tractor had to be deployed to pull the car out of the sand and no-one was hurt apart from someone's pride perhaps.

But anyone who lives here will know of or will have seen other incidents where cars left on beaches have suffered worst fate than this Subaru.

Over the years we've almost lost count of the occasions in which vehicles, from BMWs to DPD vans, have become trapped in the sand or even lost at sea. We've seen tractor rescues, an ice-cream van roll onto the beach, cars become completely submerged - and plenty of tears and hand on hips stances as people watch on helplessly while it all unfolds.

Among those stuck vehicles, there's even been a Ferrari lodged in the sand during a photoshoot. Scroll down for the 24 beach parking fails we remember in Cornwall. The story here is a little round up of previous "you can't park here mate" moments for your enjoyment.

If over the coming weeks and months you come across other beach parking fails please send your pictures and details to cornwalllive@reachplc.com or contact us via Facebook.