£5,000 warning to every motorist over simple driving habit we all do

-Credit: (Image: IAM RoadSmart)
-Credit: (Image: IAM RoadSmart)

A £5,000 warning has been issued to drivers over a simple habit many motorists will have done in the car. Singing is a popular activity to pass the time but it could land you in hot water if it's deemed to distract the driver.

Authorities have warned that enjoying music behind the wheel is allowed, but prioritising driver safety is imperative. But singing and dancing behind the wheel could lead to significant penalties, including points on your licence, warns Motor Match.

A spokesperson for Motor Match said: "It's important for drivers to understand that while enjoying music in their cars is perfectly fine, losing control over their actions to the point of dancing can lead to serious consequences. Dancing behind the wheel is an example of driving without due care and attention, and in severe cases, it can escalate to dangerous driving charges.

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"The penalties can be severe, impacting their licence and wallet as the fines for distracted driving, including dancing, can go up to £5,000. Highway Code Rule 160 requires drivers to always be in control of their vehicle. Dancing breaks these fundamental rules and increases the risk of accidents.

"We urge drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and focus on the road. While busting a move might seem like harmless fun, it’s a distraction that could have fatal outcomes.

"Remember, a moment of fun should not compromise your safety or that of others on the road. You can enjoy your favourite songs, but always ensure you are driving with care."