5 best Cadbury advent calendars for 2021: The sweetest ways to count down to Christmas

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From fun and eye-catching designs that kids will love through to more grown-up selections to gift to the in-laws (iStock/The Independent)
From fun and eye-catching designs that kids will love through to more grown-up selections to gift to the in-laws (iStock/The Independent)

You know how it goes. Some days at the office can be tough. Other days you’re faced with the truly great task of bringing the Cadbury 2021 advent calendar selection to the people.

There’s no time like advent, a wonderful period where you can eat chocolate for breakfast without raising eyebrows – while we know you can get advent calendars filled with almost anything these days, chocolate is a classic for a reason. We’ve put this year’s tasty classic calendars to the test, so we know whichever one you opt for you won’t be disappointed. Each one has that signature Cadbury velvety milk chocolate as the centrepiece, so quite frankly it’s going to be hard to go wrong.

As ever, Cadbury has made sure that there is something for everyone, with everything from fun and eye-catching designs that the kids will love through to more grown-up selections to gift to the in-laws for extra brownie points. The one thing these little beauties all have in common is that delicious Dairy Milk flavour that keeps us coming back to these calendars every year.

The Cadbury design team has certainly been busy creating 2021’s stand-out selection of advent calendars ranging from traditional festive designs to more modern options that include 3D calendars or pop-up options. We especially loved the creations that had a little something extra for Christmas Eve to help build the excitement for the big day. Just remember one very important thing, none of them are designed for sharing, so get a few to make sure everyone is happy this advent.

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How we tested

While there was a lot of eating involved (quality control is key), we also looked at elements like cost, design and points of difference. While there isn’t much between all the options, there are subtle tweaks that mean each one lends itself better to a different group. You’ll find notes on who we think each one is good for below.

The best Cadbury advent calendars for 2021 are:

Cadbury 3D advent calendar

Best: Overall

Disney’s Tower of Terror is so 2020 – this year it’s all about the tower of treats (you heard it here first). While it might not be a theme park ride, Cadbury certainly knows how to create suspense and those sweet endorphins with this entry. This high-end sculpture will keep all the kids happy if you’re brave enough to make them share, as the treats are slightly larger than those you’re likely to find in your standard calendar. It includes all the family favourites, such as Freddos, Chomps, Dairy Milks and Buttons. The fun and vibrant design across the packaging will delight kids of all ages and definitely bring a smile to their faces when they find their well-deserved prize. At £10 it’s a little pricier than most other options, but the larger treats and scope for sharing make it worth the extra splurge.

Buy now £10.00, Cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk

Cadbury build your own Christmas tree advent calendar

Best: Indulging your inner child

This fun-filled addition to your festive season won’t leave you disappointed. Not only is it absolutely bursting at the seams with all your favourite treats but it provides some crafty fun too. The chocolates in this pop-up calendar are a little bit extra, including old faithfuls such as mini Chomps, Fudge bars, Freddos and Dairy Milks. We loved that it packed a punch in the size department – you could definitely crack into this each night to accompany your cuppa and be more than satisfied. On top of the tasty goodies, this calendar includes a pop-up Christmas tree that you can jazz up using the decorations included on the packaging. Great for kids… or adults, no judgement here.

Buy now £6.00, Cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk

Cadbury Dairy Milk chunk advent calendar

Best: Cadbury advent calendar for gifting

We loved the tasteful packaging that makes this advent calendar a little bit more grown up, perfect for those of us who prefer a classier calendar. We thought this would make a great gift for someone who deserves a little festive treat in the lead-up to the big day. The beauty of this calendar is that behind each of the 24 doors there is going to be a bite of pure, indulgent joy, in the form of whole nut chocolate, Dairy Milk caramel and classic Dairy Milk nuggets. We don’t think you can go far wrong with keeping this all for yourself, or else you could try to earn yourself a spot on the nice list by gifting it to someone who deserves a little present.

Buy now £5.99, Cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk

Cadbury white chocolate christmas advent calendar

Best: For kids

We love this white chocolate calendar and think it’s a great pick for the little people in your life. Although the creamy white chocolate that hides behind each secret door will be a guaranteed hit with almost anyone, its petite winter-themed nuggets are perfect for smaller children so they aren’t getting a big sugar overload, while still getting to experience a bit of Christmas magic. The simple design also allows children to find the doors a bit more easily than some of the other Cadbury’s offerings this year. The fun doesn’t stop at the chocolate on this product either, there is also a fun winter-themed counting game on the back to keep the excitement coming throughout the festive season.

Buy now £1.50, Groceries.asda.com

Cadbury Dairy Milk Christmas chocolate house gift

Best: For making memories

While this isn’t strictly an advent calendar, we couldn’t resist popping it in here because frankly it brings the fun factor, and who are we to assign strict labels to chocolate? This fun little kit is like the ultimate gingerbread house activity but without the boring gingerbread bit. Instead, included in the box are bars of solid Dairy Milk, a Flake, white chocolate Buttons and a house template. We think that this kit is perfect for making those fun Christmas memories with your loved ones and the end result is a chocolate masterpiece that is crying out to be eaten, possibly in one go. So why not scrap the traditional advent calendar this year and invest in some family time instead? (Although that being said, we wouldn’t object to having both).

Buy now £14.00, Cadburygiftsdirect.co.uk

The verdict: Cadbury advent calendars

From all of the Cadbury advent calendars we tried from the 2021 range, our standout favourite was the Cadbury 3D advent calendar. While you might not get change from a tenner, what you do get is bulkier treats, and if we all just quickly consider what it is we want from a calendar, we think a substantial sugar hit is a safe bet. The design is a little more interesting than most of the one-dimensional flat ones, and the numbers are harder to find too – ideal for kids who are just getting to grips with counting.

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