5 of the best house plants

Bianca Barratt

Want to bring the outdoors indoors? Even if you think you’re the Grim Reaper of foliage you can’t go wrong with these low maintenance, low key house plants.

Sansevieria- Snake Plant

Hailing from central Africa, the Sansevieria is a low maintenance plant perfect for beginners. Although it won’t cure your hangover or miraculously make you feel like you’ve had eight hours’ sleep when you’ve only had three, its ability to remove toxins from the air and give off more oxygen in the night makes it a great one to keep bedside. It also grows upwards rather than outwards (to no more than 70 centimetres) meaning it works well in small spaces- just keep out of reach of pets as it can cause upset stomachs.

Care: Needs lots of natural light, keep soil moist in spring/summer, water once a month in winter.

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Sedum Burrito

Yes, that is its real name- probably due to its southern Mexican heritage. It’s understandably almost impossible to resist touching those fat, little leaves but please try to: they may not withstand your mollycoddling. The pale colour and matte finish make it a seriously cool plant to look at and the fact that it doesn’t like being watered too much makes it a good one for those who are away a lot or just plain forgetful. Just pop it in a hanging basket in the corner of your bathroom or living room.

Care: Is happy in low levels of natural light but grows more in bright places. Water when the soil completely dries out, fertilise once a month in winter.

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Metallic Palm

Fishtail shaped leaves make this an unusual plant. Growing upwards and outwards, it has a tree like silhouette that would work next to a sofa or fireplace. Don’t worry too much about protruding leaves getting in the way of your favourite tv programme or poking you in the elbow- it’s really slow growing.

Care: doesn’t need much fuss- just a little water and fertiliser every now and then- but if you notice the edges of the leaves turning brown give it a good spray with water.

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Swiss Cheese Plant

There’s something about the profile of a cheese plant leaf that is just so aesthetically pleasing- over time, the heart shape develops those highly distinctive holes that give it its name and make it a great focal point in a room. Popular back in the 80s, the Monstera Deliciosa (its official moniker) has made its way back into the trend lists and it’s easy to see why- the vibrant and glossy leaves are satisfyingly huge and lovely to look at. Sadly, it's not edible...

Care: keep the soil moist, spray the leaves every now and then and keep in indirect sunlight.

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Large Cactus

Cacti seem to be everywhere at the moment- printed on cushions and wallpaper and formed into lights and ornaments. If you want the real deal, this one from Next is a manageable size (71 centimetres) and isn’t too lethal to have around children, or clumsy adults for that matter.

Care: From April to September keep the soil moist and keep out of direct sunlight.

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