5 best kids robes

Heidi Scrimgeour

Need a way to make bed or bath time more appealing to your kids? Or maybe they just want to relax in something pretty? Or maybe they want to play dress up? These robes are fun, creative, and will make any occasion more exciting for your children.

Most kids’ robes have hoods, pockets and belts in common, but beyond this, they come in an all sorts of different fabrics.

Go for a terry towelling dressing gown if you like the idea of wrapping your bundle up in one straight from the bath as it’ll be absorbent as well as cosy.

Fleece is a better choice for snuggling in while watching Saturday morning TV, and you can’t beat 100% cotton for warmth without overheating.

Look for a robe that washes well and dries quickly, and don’t pick a print or design that they’re likely to shun as too babyish a year from now, as it’ll probably still fit.

Breton Stripe Robe: $24.50, Selfridges

There’s something utterly charming about this stylish stripy robe. We’re not sure whether it’s the soft terry towelling – cosy and practical after a bath – or the classic nautical colors, but we love it.

Timeless yet trendy, it suits all ages and will appeal to boys and girls alike, so younger brothers or sisters can look forward to having it handed down to them.

Eventually, that is – the sizing is generous so it’ll be a while before this gets outgrown.

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Unicorn Novelty Hood Dressing Gown: $33.95, Joules

Whether you like it or not, unicorns are as popular as ever (why?!) and this is the perfect dressing gown for little ones who can’t get enough of everyone’s favorite mythical creature.

The 3D ears, glittery horn and textured mane add serious cute factor. It’s just the ticket for a stylish sleepover.

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Liewood Elephant Bathrobe: $79, shakshuka

Our bedtime-resistant tester couldn’t wait to jump in the bath so she could pop this on over her pyjamas and run around the house pretending to be Dumbo.

It’s made from 100% organic cotton terry towelling complete with huge, floppy elephant ears.

The fabric is lovely and thick so we didn’t need a towel at all, but a matching one is available to buy separately.

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Bear Dressing Gown: $39.95, GAP

Warning: wrap a freshly-bathed baby in this soft fleecy dressing gown and you might be overwhelmed with warm and fuzzy feelings.

The fabric is lovely, the color is great for ensuring it has hand-me-down potential, and the bear ears are super cute.

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Children's Yoda Dressing Gown: $21.99, Amazon

Coolest dressing gown of them all, this one is, hmm!

Seriously though, picture cosying up on the sofa to watch The Empire Strikes Back with your very own little pointy-eared green dude nestled beside you.

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Verdict: Best Kids’ Dressing Gowns

Tough call. We loved every dressing gown on this list for different reasons but if we could pick only one, we’d choose The White Company Breton Stripe Robe.

It’s just got a little extra je ne sais quoi, plus you could pass it down to siblings indefinitely and the style will never date.