5 of the best new pedicures in London

Katie Service
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The Two Foot Yard

Give weary feet a reboot at Neal’s Yard’s heavenly treatment rooms, infused with essential aromas. The idea behind reflexology — that every point in the foot is connected to a part of the body — results in an extremely enjoyable but also healing foot massage. And although some bits are a little uncomfortable (for me it was when the therapist reached the tips of my toes, which correlate to your pituitary gland), overall the feeling is one of total relaxation. Expect to nod off.

Reflexology, £60 for 60 minutes (nealsyardremedies.com)

Pins and Needles

Foot specialist Margaret Dabbs is famous for her medical pedi, but those in the know go to her Marylebone clinic for foot acupuncture as well. A little prickly if you’re not used to it, but the pain is worth the gain: it’s great for easing foot and joint ache, as well as speeding up recovery from high heel-imposed ankle strains. The treatment is topped off with Dabbs’ exceptional foot MOT — a dry pedicure and polish that lasts a good week longer than regular pedis.

Foot Acupuncture and Medical Pedicure, £108 for 60 minutes (margaretdabbs.co.uk)

Walk On

Where do feet stop getting pampered, and start doing the pampering? Getting walked all over may not sound like everyone’s idea of fun, but the ancient massage technique of Chavutti Thirumal, which dates back 2,000 years, is an experience worth trying. Inside your treatment room you’ll find a washing line-like length of rope that stretches from wall to wall, from which your practitioner will hang and push his weight through his foot and into all areas of your body while using a specially blended, medicated oil. Extremely effective at loosening knots but not for the faint-hearted.

Chavutti Thirumal Walking Massage, £70 for 60 minutes (triyoga.co.uk)

Spirit Paint

From yoga studio to nail bar, spirituality is tiptoeing its way into the world of manis and pedis. London-born nail polish brand Nails Inc has released a line of crystal-themed polishes (£15 each) infused with rose quartz for a more ‘mindful pedicure’, and you can paint your toes with this season’s latest unicorn-inspired iridescent lacquer. Alternatively, do a DIY pedicure at home with Prismologie’s Sapphire & Oud Foot Cream (£28; prismologie.com), which contains sapphire micro-crystals intended to take your relaxation to a higher level.

Nails Inc Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo, £15 (nailsinc.com)


Struggling to sleep? Suffering fromchronic back pain? Neuroflexology, a derivative of reflexology invented by specialist practitioner John Moorhouseten years ago, could be the answer. Unlike traditional reflexology, neuroflexology directly stimulates the nervous system, allowing the body to ‘switch on’ and heal itself. Shepherd’s Bush-based therapist Corinna Javitz spends just 10 minutes gently tapping specific areas of your feet, toes and shins with the side of her knuckle before leaving you to rest for 20 minutes as your system goes to work reducing inflammation around painful sites. Kick back and relax; you may feel little waves of energy rippling up your body. Afterwards, Javitz will give you the most incredible Japanese Tsuboki face massage.

Neuroflexology with Corinna Javitz, £60 for 60 minutes (bodytribe.co.uk)