'Beat the Devil' and 'The Trial of Louise Woodward': The 5 best things on TV, Thursday 11 November

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'Beat the Devil' and 'The Trial of Louise Woodward' are in tonight's TV highlights. (Sky/ITV)
'Beat the Devil' and 'The Trial of Louise Woodward' are in tonight's TV highlights. (Sky/Reuters Alamy Stock Photo)

Thursday's TV includes some hard-hitting documentaries with the return of BBC Two's Surgeons: At the Edge of Life and ITV's The Trial of Louise Woodward which looks at the case of the British nanny 25 years on.

Earlier in the evening on BBC Two, things are a little lighter with a new Mary Berry series, Love to Cook.

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Sky offers some strong drama this evening with the latest episode of Mark Strong rogue surgeon series Temple, and COVID-themed David Hare play Beat the Devil gets a screen adaptation.

The best things to watch on TV tonight, Thursday 11 November, 2021

Surgeons: At the Edge of Life - BBC Two - 9pm

Programme Name: Surgeons: At the Edge of Life - S4 - TX: 11/11/2021 - Episode: Surgeons: At the Edge of Life - S4 - ep 1 (No. 1) - Picture Shows:  Mr Ravi De Silva - (C) Dragonfly - Photographer: Dragonfly
The surgery documentary is not for the squeamish. (Dragonfly)

A fourth series of the fascinating medical documentary returns tonight, although it's for strong stomachs only and is perhaps not ideal viewing alongside tonight's drama Temple.

Featured in the complex surgeries tonight are a patient with a head and neck cancerous tumour, and a woman whose enlarged aorta are in danger of rupturing.

The Trial of Louise Woodward - ITV - 9pm

From Voltage Productions 

Thursday 11th November 2021 on ITV 

Picture Shows : Louise Woodward bites her lip during a press conference at Manchester airport June 18 1997 where she denied killing the U.S. baby in her care and voiced faith that her name would one day be cleared. Woodward returned to Britain following the decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Court to uphold the sentence given by Judge Zobel.

The courtroom battle over Louise Woodward, a British nanny accused of murdering an American baby in her care, stunned the world as it played out live on TV. Neary 25 years later, this documentary revisits the gripping and controversial trial, which continues to divide medical and legal opinion today, and features revelatory interviews with the lead defence lawyer as well as with key expert witnesses on both sides.

(C) Reuters/Alamy Stock Photo 

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Louise Woodward faced trial 25 years ago in the US. (Reuters/Alamy Stock Photo)

In 1997, Louise Woodward was charged with the murder of a baby in her care while she was working as a nanny in the US.

The British teen has always insisted she did not shake or hit baby Matthew and although she was originally convicted of murder, it was later reduced to involuntary manslaughter and she was sent home to the UK.

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Now, 25 years on the controversial case gets a documentary looking into the case and what Woodward says really happened.

Mary Berry - Love to Cook - BBC Two - 8pm

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 02/11/2021 - Programme Name: Mary Berry: Love to Cook - TX: n/a - Episode: Mary Berry: Love to Cook - Ep1 From the Garden (No. 1) - Picture Shows: Mary Berry's Chicken and Herb Casserole.

**STRICTLY EMBARGOED NOT FOR PUBLICATION BEFORE 00:01 HRS ON TUESDAY 2ND NOVEMBER** Mary Berry - (C) Endemol Shine UK - Photographer: Craig Harman
Mary Berry shares some favourite recipes. (Endemol Shine UK/Craig Harman)

The original Bake Off judge is known for her perfect cakes, but that isn't the only thing she can whip up in the kitchen - her no-nonsense, delicious savoury recipe shows are always a hit, too.

Berry returns with this new series including some seasonal warming favourites that you'll love to try out at home.

Beat the Devil - Sky Arts - 9pm

Ralph Fiennes stars in 'Beat the Devil', adapted from one of the first COVID-19 themed stage plays. (Annapurna Theatre Company/Sky UK)
Ralph Fiennes stars in 'Beat the Devil', adapted from one of the first COVID-19 themed stage plays. (Annapurna Theatre Company/Sky UK)

David Hare's play about his experience of developing COVID on the first day of the UK lockdown was a sell-out in London when theatres reopened, and now it has a TV adaptation at Sky.

Starring Ralph Fiennes as Hare in this gripping, tough to watch memoir of his experience and his skewering of the government's failings in the pandemic.

Temple - Sky - 9pm

Mark Strong stars in Temple (SKY)
Mark Strong stars in 'Temple'. (SKY)

The drama starring Mark Strong as Daniel, a surgeon who has gone rogue and is performing illicit operations outside of hospitals for a series of shady characters continues tonight.

In this episode, he's heading to a foreign embassy - but will the high-profile connections he makes be good for him?

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