The 5 Best Ways Ellen DeGeneres Has Tortured Audience Members

On Ellen, it’s fairly common for audience members to get involved, and not just in the dancing. Ellen DeGeneres also likes to have some fun playing various games, many of which require whomever is playing to get wet, messy, startled, or scared. We put together a list of some of our favorites:

Photo: NBC
  1. You Bet Your Wife

You Bet Your Wife is a team game that pits two couples against each other. The wife from each team is suspended in the air while blindfolded. Her spouse on the ground must make bets on how many correct answers she will get. If the wife fails to get as many answers as her spouse said she would, she is quickly and unexpectedly dropped a few feet.

  1. Sorry Spin

In Sorry Spin, players must cross spinning wheels to get to a giant game piece from another spinning wheel. Sounds easy enough, but not when DeGeneres controls the speed of at least one of the wheels and can speed it up at any moment.

  1. Make It Rain

In Make It Rain, a player first must correctly answer a question, then choose to pull a cord hanging down from a suspended umbrella. That player will either get soaked or covered in cash.

  1. One-Eyed Monster

The one-eyed monster has one eye and a whole lot of loose teeth. All questions have numerical answers and however far players are off, that’s how many of the one-eyed monster’s teeth they have to pull. If they pull the wrong tooth, the monster will “eat” them.

  1. Fire Down Below

Fire Down Below just seems like a fun way for DeGeneres to get her audience to leave. If a player gets three answers wrong, DeGeneres very politely asks them to leave, at which point the cables the player is attached to pull him or her up and off the stage.

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