5 of Christian Bale's most dramatic transformations that will totally blow your mind

Cape Town – If there was an award for most dramatic movie transformations Christian Bale would win hands down. 

The Academy award winner has put his body through extreme measures from slimming down to just 55kg to packing on the pounds.

Here are 5 of his most dramatic transformations:

1. American Psycho

To play serial killer Patrick Bateman he spent months preparing physically for the role and exercising to achieve the Olympian physique of the character as per the novel. 

See him in character here:

2. The Machinist

This is by far his most radical transformation. In the psychological thriller he played Trevor Reznik a machinist whose insomnia and psychological problems lead to a serious workplace accident.

For the role he lost 28kg and dieted for over four months. According to a biography by a former assistant his diet consisted of water, an apple and one cup of coffee per day, and the occasional whiskey. Straight after this role he had to bulk up for Batman Begins

See him in character here:

3. The Fighter

To play meth addicted ex-boxer Dick "Dicky" Eklund he slimmed down again. This time around he followed a strict diet and took boxing lessons. He went on to win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for this role. 

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4. American Hustle

This time around he gained 19kgs and donned a clip on wig to play 70s con artist Irving Rosenfeld. He told People to fatten up he ate donughts, cheese burgers and whatever he could lay his hands on. His weight went from 83kg to 103 kg. 

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5. Backseat

Bale is currently working on the biographical drama as 46th Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney. Once again he has to pack on the pounds in an interview with Variety he said that he is eating a lot of pies to help with the weight gain. At a press conference for his war film Hostiles he debuted a bald look and fuller figure. 

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