5 reasons why celebrity trainer Jess Schuring swears by low-impact training

Samantha J. Gross

Founder of Heartcore fitness Jess Schuring has been at the helm of the global boutique fitness craze since its start.

During her decade spent between Los Angeles and London, Schuring has helped Hollywood's celebrities keep fit while opening her chain of studios all over London.

Here, she tells us why she swears by low impact training for her starry clientele - Elle Macpherson, Kate Hudson and Ben Stiller included.

1. Keeps it stress-free

Keeping one foot on the ground at all times during training reduces the physical stress on your body, keeping the connective tissue, skeletal and muscular systems healthy and reducing the risk of injury.

2. You can do it

Low-impact training is the most inclusive and accessible style of fitness. Whether you're just starting your fitness journey, recovering from an injury, are pre/postnatal, or looking to stay fit and strong as you go through life, low-intensity training is safe and beneficial to all.


Including low-impact training in your HIIT (for example circuits) is a great way to balance out your training and create a well rounded, diverse and healthy fitness routine.

4. LIT = cardio

Low-impact exercise doesn't mean you're slow moving or not improving your fitness - you just don't do the pounding, jumping moves.

Get your blood pumping with spinning, rowing, cycling, elliptical trainer, walking, climbing, hiking, skiing, etc - all of these fall into the low-impact family and get your heart rate up, burning calories.

5. Physical vs. emotional well-being

Choosing more slow paced low-impact options like Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi have many benefits such as focusing the breath, improving our core connection and postural alignment, and teaching us to be more aware of our body and movement. These more mindful training methods also help us to become more present, focussed and connected with ourselves. With the fast paced environment we're exposed to non-stop, feeling well and balanced from the inside out is key for a happy life.

Jess Schuring is the founder of Heartcore, which has nine fitness studios in London

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