5 THINGS TO KNOW: More Election Day laws and reminders

Feb. 10—Pittsburg County Election Board Secretary Tonya Barnes provides more information. regarding Election Day laws in advance of the Feb. 13 election.

1 Are photographs allowed inside election enclosures?

A voter may take a digital image or photograph of their marked ballot while inside the election enclosure. However, it is unlawful for voters to post the image or photograph on social media or otherwise distribute or disclose how they voted until they have left the election enclosure.

2 What are laws regarding election interference?

It is a misdemeanor to interfere with the orderly and lawful conduct of an election. No one, including a lawfully appointed watcher or exit pollster may interfere with a registered voter who is attempting to vote, or may attempt to influence the vote of a person by means of force or intimidation. This includes activity both before and during an election.

3 What about election exit pollsters?

An exit pollster is a person who receives an official commission from the County Election Board Secretary to conduct "polls" or interviews of voters leaving the polling place. No pollster shall be permitted within 50 feet of any ballot box while an election is in progress and shall be limited to written polling materials. Any person conducting an exit poll within 300 feet of any ballot box shall display identification provided by the Secretary of the County Election Board. Voters are not required to participate in exit polls.

4 Are there laws regarding elections and intoxicating liquors?

It is unlawful to take intoxicating liquors of any kind or quantity to within one-half mile of any polling place on an Election Day. Additionally, no person shall attend an election or be within 300 feet of a polling place in an intoxicated condition on an Election Day.

5 What should be done to report potential crimes?

Voters who believe an election crime is being committed, should contact their county election board or local law enforcement while the act is in progress or as soon as possible. Be prepared to provide as much information and documentation as possible.

For more information or to report a potential violation of election law, contact the Pittsburg County Election Board at 918-423-3877 or

—James Beaty