5 TV shows to look forward to in 2017

American Gods

We should be looking forward to this in part because of the sheer level of talent involved; not just the cast, including Ricky Whittle in the title role as Shadow Moon and Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday, but also the fact that Bryan Fuller of Hannibal fame is going to be the head writer and executive producer on this program. Of course, even if that weren’t exciting enough, there’s the fact that this show is building off of a very rich and compelling source material – Neil Gaiman’s American Gods novel is possibly the best fantasy book I’ve read in years, if not ever, and I’m hugely excited to see that story adapted for the screen.

American Gods is set to be released on Amazon Prime, at an as of yet unannounced date in early 2017.


Chris Chibnall’s final series of the popular ITV drama before he moves on to Doctor Who is, in many ways, set to be the end of an era. The conclusion of this smash hit drama will surely be a cultural event, much like its first series in 2013 – no doubt Chibnall will be able to get the nation talking as David Tennant’s Alec Hardy and Olivia Colman’s Ellie Miller investigate yet another shocking crime.

Including new characters played by Lenny Henry, Sarah and Charlie Higson, alongside all our favourites from previous seasons, Broadchurch is set to return in 2017 at an as of yet unannounced date.


Potentially one of the more interesting superhero shows that we’ll see in 2017, this offering from Fargo creator Noah Hawley seems set to shake up the genre. Focusing on a schizophrenic mutant who can’t distinguish between the effects of his reality altering powers and his own delusions, the trailers that have been released so far suggest that Legion could be something quite unique.

Legion stars Dan Stevens, Rachel Keller and Aubrey Plaza, and is set to premier on February 8th, as part of an eight-episode series.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

These were very good books, with a very particular aesthetic that will translate very well to the screen. There’s a wonderful gothic tone to the whole thing, which I’d absolutely love to see. That, coupled with the wry, satirical humour of the original books could well come together to make something really special – a word which here means “memorable and holding a long lasting impact”.

A Series of Unfortunate Events is will be available to watch on Netflix from (appropriately) Friday 13th January.


After a year of frankly absurd political shenanigans, the writers of Veep are no doubt in a difficult position for this coming series. Certainly, it’s hard to think just what they’ll come up with, given just how ridiculous reality has been; one telling moment this year came when an Australian politician used Selina Meyer’s slogan, “Continuity with Change”, apparently entirely unironically. But then, that’s what makes the return of Veep so exciting – a bar has been set, the challenge raised, and seeing this razor sharp program meet the task sounds fantastic.

While not explicitly confirmed yet, Veep season 6 is expected to air in Spring of 2017.


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