How do I get a £50 bike repair voucher?

By Neil Lancefield, PA Transport Correspondent
·2-min read

Cyclists can apply for vouchers towards the cost of repairing a bike.

Here are nine key questions about the Government’s Fix Your Bike scheme.

– What is it?

As part of measures to encourage cycling during the coronavirus pandemic, the Government is offering people in England £50 vouchers to be used towards repair costs.

– How do I get a voucher?

Visit to apply.

Vouchers are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

PM launches cycling initiative
The PM launched the strategy to get more people cycling (Rui Vieira/PA)

– How many are there?

Up to half a million vouchers will be made available.

The 50,000 released on Monday is the second batch.

– What happened when the scheme launched?

The first batch of vouchers was released at 11.45pm on July 28, but the website soon crashed.

People attempting to log on were told: “Due to extreme volumes of traffic this resource has been temporarily paused.”

– Once I’ve got hold of a voucher, how do I use it?

Find a repair shop participating in the scheme and book your bike in for a check-up.

– What do the vouchers cover?

They can be used towards the cost of making a bike safe for use on public roads.

Upgrading roadworthy parts or buying removable accessories such as lights or helmets are not included.

– How far will £50 stretch?

The voucher will normally cover the cost of a standard service and replacement of a basic component such as an inner tube or cable.

– What happens if my bike needs several or more expensive new parts?

Cyclists will need to cover costs in excess of £50.

– Is there a limit on how many vouchers one person can get?

A household could initially obtain two vouchers, but this has been reduced to one voucher.