‘50 Shades’ star Jamie Dornan once glued a wig to his penis

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Jamie Dornan visited The Graham Norton Show and shared a terribly embarrassing story. He said that, although he’s considered a hunk now, when he was 15 he looked seven. Dornan was in a play and in order to look older, he clipped parts of a wig and glued them to his face. Looking forward to a party after the play, Dornan was hoping a young lady “might drop a hand.”

So Jamie said he decided to age up his “Dornan” by any means necessary. He clipped a bunch of curly parts off a wig and glued them to his crotch. “For one night only,” he said, “it was an actually impressive place to put your hand.”

It turns out nobody dropped their hands that night. Dornan said, “That didn’t happen and actually, thank God it didn’t because I got home and it was a car crash down there.”

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