50 years since Brunel’s SS Great Britain refloated

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the refloating of the world’s first great ocean liner.

Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the SS Great Britain was the first iron-hulled, propeller-driven steamship when she was launched in Bristol on July 19 1843.

She was the largest and most efficient passenger ship in the world, widely referred to as “the greatest experiment since the Creation”.

Brunel was one of the most ingenious and prolific engineers in history, building 25 railway lines, more than 100 bridges and three ships.

The SS Great Britain was the most experimental steam ship of her time and revolutionised travel and set new standards in engineering, reliability and speed.

By 1970 she lay derelict in the Falkland Islands.

Interviewee 1: Lyle Craigie-Halkett (Diver involved in ship's 1970 rescue)

Interviewee 2: Stu Whatley (Diver involved in ship's 1970 rescue)