54th Grammy's Nominee Chris Brown: The Past is in the Past?

When Chris Brown came on the music scene with such hits as "Run It" and "Gimme That," the R&B recording artist was on a lucrative and drama free path with his singing and extraordinary dance moves. But then came 2009 when the performer pleaded guilty to felony assault charges against singer and girlfriend Rihanna. He was sentenced to five years probation and six months of community service. But what he experienced after the sentencing proved to be far worst.

Although Brown retained his most loyal fans, the media and a large majority of the public were on Rihanna's side, making the then 19-year-old star an instant villain. Lots of unfortunate things happened to him after that. For example, in 2009 he was removed from BET's lineup; he claimed that "Graffiti," his third studio album, was not getting enough air time, and in 2010, his European tour was cancelled.

But is the past in the past? Tweeted Brown, "Individuality is key... Fresh is a way of life.... When people constantly bring up your name(good/bad) thank them!"

Brown's career was negatively affected, but he never disappeared from the music scene entirely. He kept at it. He kept pushing.

The result? "F.A.M.E," his 4th studio album, has received a large amount of recognition. Brown has been nominated for three Grammy awards, including Best R&B Album.

Does the 22-year-old Brown of 2012 deserve a second chance, especially since rumor has it that he and Rihanna, 23, are friends again, or possibly even more than that? If he can stay away from temper tantrums, such as the one he put on at Good Morning America in 2011, maybe he can stay on the high road. His loyal fans, and those fans who have warmed up to him again, look forward to seeing him sing, dance and possibly win his first Grammy at the 54th annual Grammy's, on CBS, on February 12 at 7 central.

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