At least S$574,000 lost to parcel scams in Singapore since Jan

SINGAPORE — Phishing scams involving delivery of parcels have resulted in a loss of at least S$574,000 since the start of 2022.

The scams have claimed at least 415 victims, the Singapore Police Force said.

These victims received emails or text messages informing them that they had parcels to be delivered. Victims would then be asked to click on a link in the message to view more details about their supposed deliveries.

However, upon clicking the link, victims would be redirected to sham websites which would request for credit or debit card details and one-time passwords. These would result in scammers using the information to make unauthorised transactions under the victims’ names.

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The police have advised members of the public to not click on the URL links provided in unsolicited emails and text messages. The authorities also advise the public to always verify authenticity of the information with official websites or sources.

Individuals should not disclose their personal or Internet banking details, or OTPs, to anyone. They are also advised to report fraudulent credit or debit card charges to their bank immediately.

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