From £58 to nearly £500: Filmer shares Qatar's skyrocketing hotel prices ahead of World Cup

An England fan in Qatar has blasted World Cup organisers “a disgrace” after the price of his Doha hotel room increased nearly twentyfold in just two nights. “I arrived into Doha on Wednesday (November 16),” fan Dennis Moss told Newsflare. “Although they did not change the price mid-stay, the prices just kept on going up the closer it got to the World Cup. Go to look up hotels in Doha, and see the prices all of them are charging - astronomical. “I arrived here early so I could check out Doha and find some cheap accommodation, it worked for the first three days. But next Wednesday I move into FIFA accommodation, so until then I’m hotel hopping as I simply cannot afford these crazy prices. The fans are being totally ripped off.”